Zinff Eyewear Evaluation and Low cost – Types for Males & Ladies!

Zinff Eyewear Evaluation and Low cost – Types for Males & Ladies!

Hey Buddies!

We’re in LOVE with this eyewear from Zinff, and are happy to give you a reduction code. Right now, we’ll present you three kinds and colours: spherical, cat-eye and rectangular to present you an concept of the variability you could find.
Use code “CRUISE” for 50% off the frames. You MUST use the hyperlinks right here and beneath for the code to work:


Use this or any hyperlink beneath to redeem the low cost:

Gaea-Cat Eye Pink Eyeglasses:

Panorama-Rectangle Inexperienced & Taupe Eyeglasses:

Aphrodite-Spherical Tawny Eyeglasses:


Zinff is knowledgeable on-line optical eyewear retailer with pleasant change & return coverage, providing a wide-range of frames and lenses at reasonably priced costs but prime quality. We consider in “Buyer First” and we do apply this philosophy to our work.
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9 thoughts on “Zinff Eyewear Evaluation and Low cost – Types for Males & Ladies!

  1. I think the small lenses are too big. Frames are fine but fit/ scale to face is most important.

    Anyone working on computers/lots of devices will benefit from blue lense. Reduces eye fatigue. Im on a device for about 10 hours a workday so I need the assistance.

    You would still need a RX for eyewear for those who are not 20/20 so to not use insurance is missing the boat. I'd price out glasses & contacts first and then decide which is better to go out of pocket. It would depend on the RX bc the lenses can be costly. In my experience, glasses are less expensive (Out of pocket after coverage) going through my insurance. Then I buy my contacts online.

    I'm not sure if it's wise to delve into products that require medical advice/insurance. If you do, stay high level & use disclaimers. We live in a litigious world.

  2. I like all three pair. I've been wanting to try blue light glasses. I think I like the cat eye the best! They all look great on you! And I love the colors they come in! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad I saw this video, I turned your notifications on! I got so much inspiration from your videos to start my own cruise channel ❤️

  4. They are all cute. I like the rectangular the best. I wear contacts and prescription glasses. I haven't tried blue blocking lenses yet.

  5. Love all three, but I think it’s between the 1st pair and third. I use blue light glasses on occasion, but I feel I should wear them more often. The cat eye on you Sheri were soooo cute!💕🤓

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