26 thoughts on “Would You Purchase An Ex-Professional Biking Group Bike? | GCN Tech Present 152

  1. Dont think I would tbh if i did it would may be for display purposes as i dont think i would get a fit to what I'm comfortable with i.e. stem tube length and or maybe frame size too. After learning from building my two road bikes once you dial in the right measurements and that bike is sweet jump on anythinc else and you will know it ( back/leg/neck/ elbow ) pains lol and then you gonna have to modify it to worn for you!!

  2. Would I want a used pro bike? Yes, likely well maintained, but the frames are pushed hard all season, crashed, banged around, etc… so would 3 grand be a 'bargain' ? Mmmm i'll pass.

  3. I have, i wouldn't if you want a best bike but for a race bike for smashing around a track, throwing in the back of the car and the occasional crash you can't go wrong.

  4. I recently bought a certified pre-owned Felt AR1 with a SRAM Red Mechanical Group Set and am very happy with my purchase. The company I bought it from provided answers to all my questions before I bought it. First thing I did was take it to my local bike shop for an inspection. The derailleurs need a slight adjustment for which the company reimbursed me. So yes I would buy a used pro bike especially if it meant getting a great bike at a bargain price.

  5. I bought a Lotto Soudal Ridley Helium SLX via 2Pedals in Milton Keynes.
    Has Stan DeWulfs name on it, Campag eps 11, super record everything.
    I took it on Zonda clincher wheels as I didn’t want Ultra bora tubulars.
    They Put a shorter stem on it and new chian rings, battery/charger etc & changed brake levers to British set up.
    love it!
    £3500 delivered to my door.
    I upgraded wheels to Bora ultra wto 45 tubeless & replaced the rather hard saddle.
    Have done done 3800 miles on it since April with no issues.

  6. two weeks ago I bought a BMC Pro Machine with full Campagnolo Record from a fromer Astana Team member – for 550 Euros!! This was the bargain of my life.

  7. Cycling bottle 1, Si-cling cap 0 😜✌🏼. It might take aero bikes to beat the Si-borg on his Triathlon bike. Does it mean he’s part of GTN now? 😜✌🏼

  8. Enjoyed it all till the last bike in the bike vault, why do you keep doing it? Bikes that aren't presented well in the bike vault but you still show them, shame on you GCN.

  9. I think it is time to rename "nice" to "nice try". Some bikes are really nice, but some are… lets say less nice and shouldn't be called nice. "Nice try" covers everything else below supernice. And one more thing – you may consider loosening the biggy-smalls rule. Bikes are aesthetically superb even if the upper (before front chain ring) and lower part (before derailleur hanger) of the chain are ideally parallel. You had one example in this show.

  10. I bought an ex-pro bike from the Bianchi Store in Munich 2 yrs ago. Came from Team LottoNL-Jumbo. Bianchi Oltra XR2, full Dura Ace Di2 with Dura Ace pedals and wheels (C35). Rider who had it (decal still on the bike) was Bert Jan Lindeman. Bike was in perfect condition, no scratches, no dings anywhere. Almost looked brand new and a great price. I bought it while on holidays and had it shipped back to Canada.

    No regrets!

  11. I've got an old Biachi 928 SL HC. It's an incredible bike and the power transfer is nothing like I've ever ridden before. I paid £900 for full Dura Ace 9700 with C35 tubs. Enve smart system cockpit. An absolute steal and it fricken flies.

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