43 thoughts on “Willie Nelson – Cottage For Sale (Official Audio)

  1. Dear Willie, please do not sell your "cottage." Call for Blackberry Smoke, Guitar Center, Oklahoma City, or Edmond. Also, Google Chris Daughtry, Waiting For Superman, Original Version, and look for my comment. Notes Get in contact with those above. Love you… C

  2. Love Willie, and some of my best memories of Christmas is with my Granna. Turned her on to Willie with the "Stardust" album, and she absolutely loved Willie. BTW, 2020? Keep you f*ing hands off of Willie! Or I swear I'll tear this place down!!

  3. Willie de beste song met en sentimento proprio per questa canzone quante parole non dette ma con voglia di piangere . Ti amo grazie Willie 💕🌹

  4. When my wife and I divorced our beautiful house was placed up for sale. We were both miserable and wanted out. Thinking about the good times though this song tugs on my heart strings.

  5. Mr Nelson, nothing…and no one…can ever compare to you! You're an absolute legend…I've been following you since the early years…short hair, suite and tie…you are my absolute favorite artist! I've been playing and singing for over 50 yrs and would love to jam with you….it would be an honor.

  6. he sang nice songs in the 60s. one in a row. misery mansion. one step beyond. the parties over where my house lives. another one, I forget the titile.
    where did he go in the 70s? came back with crappy music in the 80's.

  7. I’m just loving this and Every song 🎶 of yours is my Favorite song 🎶
    I remember when I saw you at the Belterra Casino….Awesome show..! 👏🤠 🤗😘💋

  8. My wife loves you we have seen you often you are the greatest singer also wanted to you that your children are awesome singers also keep up the good work Happy Holidays to you and all your family God bless and keep you all safe

  9. These old songs from the Great American Songbook play out like movies, they're so grand.
    Willie, he's as at his usual best; a voice like no other and suitable for every style!

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