Will Individuals Purchase an IPhone 12 That Prices Nearly $800?

Will Individuals Purchase an IPhone 12 That Prices Nearly $800?

Oct.13 — Apple Inc. unveiled its newest vary of IPhone which help high-speed 5G information transmission. Carolina Milanesi, analyst at Artistic Methods, LLC, discusses the announcement on “Bloomberg Expertise.”

31 thoughts on “Will Individuals Purchase an IPhone 12 That Prices Nearly $800?

  1. So, You can't use Spotify.🚫
    You can't use wechat.🚫
    You can't use the phone while he's charging.🔌
    You can't play PubG or Fortnite🕹️
    You get smaller battery🔋
    You pay 39 extra dollars for a charger.🔌💰
    It has the latest 2011 design☎️
    And the notch is still there🍾🎉?

    Shocker that your stock's are crashing 😳🤦

  2. Most iPhone users don’t buy every iPhone. Phones are essential and spending money on an iPhone is a much better bet than spending money on a phone that stops receiving support after one or two years. This video’s argument is brought up every year and it’s getting ridiculous.

  3. top of the line smart phones are over $2000.00 in Canada Australia and new Zealand $800.00 ia a mid to low end phone. $800.00 is cheap.

  4. Has anyone noticed these greedy companies expect more $$$ but give you less on what they use to give on there products & haven't figure out the long standing issues. Look at the free apps & software that use to come with the purchase are gone & now you have to pay for it. Now it seems we're at the point in time now it becoming you have to pay to play when it comes to tech products with no real improvements & the same with softwares but they want there money no matter if they solve the problems or not. Paying $800. for a phone, pay for software, apps & then the monthly phone/internet bill. Now with the virus & the economy these greedy co. want you to pay even more. Glad i was taught to not keep up with the jones cause it will put you in the pore house. With everything being mass produced & today's going on everthing you purchase now looses it value once out the door. Sorry apple not going to buy your products

  5. I ❤️ 🍎 But… these are the same bodies and screens they already have, no innovation, just bigger or smaller. Where’s our wraparound screen? And what’s with the stupid cutout still at top? Want to impress us, put a fingerprint scanner under the glass, give us an earphone jack and stop forcing us to your new usb-c!
    Fanboy not happy 😡

  6. It’s getting to the point where the only things these new IPhones will have to offer is faster speed. So how much faster do you need a phone to be to keep shelling out money for an upgrade?

  7. Just FYI first iPhone was launched in 2007 right before the subprime bubble burst. Didn’t impeach Apple making billions out of it. I just believe the 5G won’t be a enough this time around any that this whole “super cycle” is plain bullshit

  8. Yea the blooming idiots will for some sort of imaginary social status but on the contrary the only thing that it does is make you a target for MFs like me to stalk hunt and take your 800 buck phone just dumb and i wont take it cause i want or need it …. ill take it for u tryna flex when there are starvin kids and u wanna put lil kids to work in sweat shopss cause u want a fuckin cell phone ok buy one i got you ]

  9. How much would they charge for an iPhone if it were made in the U.S. rather than by Foxconn slave labor? For a phone that breaks the first time you drop it, and dies the first time you get it a little wet because they don't microcoat their boards to be waterproof, which Motorola was doing 15 or more years ago.

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