36 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD Purchase the HomePod mini!

  1. I'm not sure how it will know who my housemates are – as none of them use Apple products. At least, finally, it doesn't require stupid [rip off] appleMusic to work! yay

  2. Curious how it compares to my JBL LINK MUSIC. It’s a 2.5” speaker with 2 passive radiators and has airplay 2 so it is in sync with my 2 HomePods when playing music. I need one more so eyeing the mini for my office but not expecting HomePod sound.

  3. I've never been sold on smart speakers. until Siri is as smart as the computer voice on star trek…. I don't see them as important.

  4. Nah… not feeling it.
    Siri lives on my watch and my iphone. I just raise my wrist and she wakes up.
    Sound quality from the home pod mini and even home pod is mediocre at best, compared to my stereo. Might be great if home pod is your only sound output.

  5. More tech to make humans more and more useless, a crutch for reality. I wonder if suddenly all electric power went out, humans would be so reliant on tech they wouldn’t be able to survive

  6. I have an Amazon Echo, and I’ll be getting a HomePod mini around Black Friday hoping it’ll go on sale. I’d rather have one company listening to me and I definitely trust Apple a lot more with privacy

  7. So looking forward to this as well. The integration with my Apple Ecosystem only makes sense, it will finally help me get rid of going between Siri and Google within my home.

  8. Since my last century Sony Amplifier just croaked I can no longer listen to surround sound dolby 5.1 through the connected Bose Sound System this will be a good alternative to buying a new sound system. Certainly not as good as an amplifier and Bose speakers, but an affordable acceptable alternative.
    It could even encourage me to upgrade other devices in my home to Apple Home devices.
    Since there is only 2 of us in a 2 bedroom condo won’t need the intercom, especially since our iWatches have Walkie Talkie.
    Yes excited about it.
    I like Siri and am finding more ways to use it every day.
    It takes a bit of practice to understand it and get it to be useful, but Siri is also great.

  9. This would be great if it had an option to go completely wireless or battery powered. I would buy it to replace my UE boom. Looks like it needs to stay plugged in though.

  10. I have an Amazon Echo already, but I am considering getting the HomePod mini. As someone who owns other Apple products, would it be a good pick up?

  11. HomePod or HomePod Mini which one to buy ?? Given the Price is not a constraint…. is there any additional feature in HomePod mini that’s not available in the regular version

  12. Nice review/preview, sure will get one.👍🏻 But you also made me want to a Marshall Emberton at the same time😅👍🏻☝🏻

  13. I have owned the HomePod since the day it was introduced more than two years ago. In fact, I have four HomePods (two stereo pairs). The sound quality is phenomenal. I enjoy listening to programs on the BBC iPlayer Radio on my HomePods. My only complaint is having to reset the HomePods frequently. I plan to buy a couple of the HomePod minis to add to my living room.

  14. • I have a Dolby 5.1 System, is this supported by any HomePod?
    • where is the cable? They have never shown it that must be very ugly!
    • Many functions only work in the USA but not here in Germany. And I should pay the same price for that?
    • Siri very often doesn’t understand me! (D)
    • to expensive, it’s only worth 20$ to me? No, not even that.

  15. I sold my of HomePod first a echo studio and kinda regret it. I really liked the HomePod but got the studio for the smarts but really have realized I only do basic stuff and listen to music. I will be buying 2 of these for the office and bedroom. Then maybe a normal again for the living room later on

    Edit: I also sold it because it was having some issues

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