Why You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase Poultry From Costco

Why You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase Poultry From Costco

Do not buy your poultry from Costco. This frequent staple is totally not definitely worth the worth, because the mega-grocer’s rooster breast offered for $1.99 a pound in 2019, …

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  1. At costco, near the rotisserie chicken, they have shredded chicken in small bags. When they don't sell all the rotisserie chickens Costco shreds the white meat up and then bags it. Then you can buy it like that. It's pretty good. You can use it in different foods like chicken taco or on your nachos.

  2. 1 … I agree that buying RAW chicken, from Costco, is a $$ losing proposition. If you want to buy chicken "parts," (like Foster Farms), you'll pay much more at Costco, than you would at your local market.
    2 … Unless you need multiple legs/thighs/breasts, for a special dish, it's much more economical to buy a whole chicken. They're easy to roast, whole. And, it's fun to cut them up with a cleaver for parts. :).
    3 … There's a difference between a ROASTED chicken, and a ROTISSERIE chicken. If you don't have a home rotisserie capability … and/or it isn't worth the $$ to buy one, an occasional rotisserie chicken is great choice. Costco's is the best I've had, and I buy one a couple of times/year.
    4 … I can neither confirm, nor dispute, the video's information concerning the sodium levels, and how they apply to "daily recommended allowances." However, I can't imagine any ONE person consuming an entire chicken, in one day! Moreover, "brining" is a popular preparation for fowl, and I don't know how that might differ from the use of salt that is used in the Costco rotisserie chicken.

    Given the title, "Why You Should ABSOLUTELY Never Buy Poultry From Costco," I give this video 5/10.

  3. Costco rotisserie chickens are so good, and so convenient that real estate within one mile of a Costco actually carries a higher price called "the chicken premium." It specifically speaks to the ease and low prices you can take regular advantage of by living near a Costco. Surveys show that people living within one mile of a Costco regularly eat those chickens, saving on average about $700 a year on prepared food.

  4. Um… Yes, on sale at local grocery stores, we can buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts for $1.29 occasionally, but generally at $1.99. That said, I like the Costco packaging and generally buy ones that are still mostly frozen. I get them home and freeze the ones I'm not ready to use. They say you shouldn't double freeze meats. I find the overall quality of the chicken at Costco very good.
    Then there's the roasted chickens. Mashed says they're the best grocery store roasted chickens. I agree. Is it better to roast your own? YES! But after a day of shopping, a roasted chicken that's ready to eat is great! Yes it's too salty, but they all are. Roast your own. But it's a great snack. My wife and I don't split one. We have some and finish it off later, maybe in a salad. (I never get the wings!)
    Never buy chicken from Costco? Really? I'm very happy with Costco chicken and meats in general. Always shop around. The grocery stores have sales that beat Costco. If you have the freezer space, stock up. But Costco is a great source for the products they carry. And no… I have no associations with Costco. Just a customer.

  5. I buy Costco rotisserie chicken at least twice a month. I don't know where to even buy a whole raw chicken for $5. Costco rotisserie chickens are delicious; I could never make one as good!

  6. Costco's 4.99 Rotisserie Chicken will always be a staple food in my family for its price, quality, and convenience. My family and I actually like the dark soggy skin version just as much as the fresh crisp ones; depends how we're feeling after making rounds at the sample bars lol

  7. Costco has the leg up on competition because they have the breast quality. So don't wing it. Don't ask thigh. Just walk cross the street and get some!

    I'll show myself the door now. 😉

  8. We buy their raw chicken all the time- mostly the whole chickens.Their meat department is great- we've never bought meat,poultry or fish from Costco that wasn't delicious.

  9. Where the hell do you suggest I buy it, your idiotic video titles suggest every purveyor of food on the planet has some insidious plan afoot…

  10. I cook my chicken at home in the oven. Very little salt More Pepper & Garlic. The skin is Crazy Crispy. It’s Addicting. When you finally know how to make it at Home 🏡

  11. if you're worried about your sodium intake, purchase a sodium free chicken from a nearby supplier (driving ten miles to save 25 cents per pound is not really saving when you consider the price of gas) plus drinking filtered water and or 100% fruit juices and even fresh fruits can help flush out a lot of the sodium that you ingest during your meals so if Costco is significantly closer to you then a WalMart, Publix, Winn Dixie or Target, then by all means buy your chicken from Costco, personally I've never shopped at Costco but it's chicken and if it's cooked correctly can't be too much harmful then the majority of other foods that we put into our bodies

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