Why YOU Must Purchase a V8 Motorbike: BOSS HOSS

Why YOU Must Purchase a V8 Motorbike: BOSS HOSS

The proprietor of Boss Hoss dropped off four insane massive block hyper cruisers! The biggest of the four bikes pushes out 600hp! We already examined a 1992 Boss Hoss, however what variations do the model new Boss Hoss bikes have? We go in depth to see what as we speak’s Boss Hoss bikes have to supply!

What’s a 1992 Boss Hoss like?

Is a 2WD bike with a sidecar offroad worthy?

What’s the ugliest bike you should buy?

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37 thoughts on “Why YOU Must Purchase a V8 Motorbike: BOSS HOSS

  1. After 42 yrs riding a bike, my 2018 Boss Hoss 383 Roadster is my first trike and I love it. Keeping off of the throttle is my main problem yet it definitely elevates my adrenaline. I ride all year long and I live in the upper Midwest. It’s a great bike in all aspects. Thanks BH 👍

  2. It was nice of the owner of Boss Hoss to bring you some bikes. It would be cool to hear him talk about the machines and what they’re doing next!

  3. How do these bikes corner climb winding narrow roads don't get me wrong l love the idea of the power and looks so cool regards Anthony from down under

  4. It's kinda silly to buy a 600hp ass dragger and never use all that power. For our reality 103 cubic inches engine is more than enough.

  5. For massively compensating for ones shortcomings, nothing works better than an enormous Boss Hoss V8 engine between ones legs!

  6. My question is how well the sell outside the USA? and i can see you replacing radiators quite often but overall you can tell they spend time designing them and have it quite refined.
    Each to there own if you have the coin lol

  7. This is an Honest ask from a Subscriber from Australia, How quick was that boss Hoss compared to my B-King,, Just asking. Cheers Guys, Peace.

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