46 thoughts on “Why you must BUY the non-Professional iPhone 12

  1. U should buy pro max the non pro is too small.and u shouldnt wait for 13 because if u want to wait for 13 why dont u wait for iphone100

  2. so are you telling me that the iphone 12 comes out with a charger that you need to buy a separate charger for, and it doesn't come with earphones and you'll have to get them separately as well?? lmao why is it that expensive then? in my opinion it's not worth it, i don't have 5g in my country to start with and i don't really need the supreme camera tech, i'll probably just stick with the iphone 11 for now.

  3. There is nothing funny. Stop faking your smile either. If you could listen to audio only better. Host speaker is annoying.

  4. Should I buy the iphone 12 ,I currently have the samsung s8 plus ,need yalls help ,help me out down below:)would be a first time apple user btw

  5. Thank you for the clear review. Superb! I am decided now to go for a non-Pro iPhone 12 model. Will pre-order this Dec. 11!! Switching from Android to ios too!!
    Thoughts about the best color to pick? Thanks!!

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