30 thoughts on “Why Providing Reductions Will Put You Out of Enterprise | Discounting for On-line and Offline Companies

  1. How many of you give discounts with your products, with your services, with your contracts, whatever it may be? If you do give discounts, leave a comment with "yes". If you don't give discounts, leave a comment with "no".

  2. I defninetly dont agree with that. It totally depends in what market sector you are in. I work for a compny with 170 million turnover per year. They give discounts. Its their business model because they leverage. And you are just a youtuber, trying to convince something that appereantly didnt work for you! 😂 keep youtubing bro.

  3. In my construction business customers are the bad guys. I don't think I want to give anybody a discount. I don't know what's going on with me not making money, I think my analysis are saying that i need to not give discounts and only get customers that pay enough for me to provide services that will make me an income of 50k a year minimum and keep expenses and hiring subcontractors to a minimum because i dont want to have to raise my prices too much i dont want to rip people off either.

  4. Well I think Neil! Discount should be personalised. Or you can make people feel you’re taking care of them like walmart have very good reputation on giving discount

  5. I believe discounts cheapen the brand, unless it's for groceries, personal care products or similar items. I feel a little turned off when a small business has discounts because 1) I think "how can they afford to give discounts," and 2) "Why did they not give me that deal in the first place"?.

  6. I'd always thought that offering discounts was the only way to get people to buy early on. Thanks for showing a different perspective, I'll definitely be changing some things up on my website!

  7. Hello Neil, subscribed, do you think that bundles are also bad? For example if they buy 3 the price is 48$ instead of 50$? It encourages them to buy more and not a discount on a single product (similar to bundles like wactch + belt + shoes for x)

  8. Hi Neil, great video and advice! A question, I seem to lose alot of business because my prices are considered high but when I compare it, it's not that much and my products are of much better quality. What can I do? I don't want to drop the price yet I don't want to lose business.

  9. What about referral discounts? for example, offer current clients a 15% discount on their monthly plan(only 1 month) for a referral sign up? @neil patel

  10. You're absolutely right, discounts are a bad idea in almost all cases. I do have one small discount I offer customers that have 2 or more internet connections with my wisp business, but that's it. I currently have only one customer taking advantage of that. Everything else has no discounts whatsoever. There's a sign hanging on the wall in my shop that says "We have no quarrel with others who sell for less. They know what their stuff is worth."

  11. Thanks Neil. I love your energy.

    1. Are you primarily talking about services oriented businesses OR are you also referring to products such as apparel, or any other physical product?

    2. For startups, and generating what’s the alternative to discounts / sales?

    3. How about free giveaway offers to capture customer leads? I also giveaway apparel to social media influencers

    4. Free shipping offers – do you consider this a discount ?

    Thanks again Neil.

  12. I have a beauty business, my lashes are 19.98 but I have different 20-35% coupon codes on social media. Like YT25, PIN25 so i'll know where the sale is coming from. I was thinking about doing a $5 sale for hitting 1k subs. You don't think I should do it? I haven't gotten a sale in months….like months 😞

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