Which FortNite version do you have to purchase?

Which FortNite version do you have to purchase?

Right this moment i’ll undergo the completely different editions of FortNite, and talk about what i see as the professional’s and cons of every of them. Hope it might probably enable you to out deciding which …

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  1. Can you earn inventory or backpack slots in game tho? I doubt it. Of course, you could potentially buy that later as a micro transaction.

  2. Can you get the motorcycle dude from the lama pinata. Or Can you only get it from the 150 dollar pack. When you get the 150 dollar pack does your friend get the same things as you get. When you send the code

  3. You didn't actually answer the question. You just said,"If you have money buy this but if you more buy this". I actually say buy the standard because the game will he coming out free next year so i wouldn't spend as much money also because they might release new items. and if you bought the limited edition and opened all the piñatas then you would have to pay even more for the new items. So although you have money. Just get the standard edition and maybe use the rest of the money of piñatas.

  4. Does this count for Xbox? On the store the digital deluxe just says it contains the game, I'm looking to buy it but don't know yet.

  5. I feel as an "informer" of the stupid masses , that u should go back and edit this video to talk about the ultimate kit. Or just make a whole new video since now everyone has a pretty good grasp on what's in what

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