What To Purchase At Walmart Supercenter RIGHT NOW – HUGE Grocery Haul

What To Purchase At Walmart Supercenter RIGHT NOW – HUGE Grocery Haul

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Wow, I used to be blown away at a number of the new grocery objects at Walmart! I’ve by no means seen a few of these manufacturers at different shops, and we’re speaking about clear and wholesome meals for excellent costs. Let me know for those who see the identical stuff at your walmart, as a result of these groceries are very thrilling!

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48 thoughts on “What To Purchase At Walmart Supercenter RIGHT NOW – HUGE Grocery Haul

  1. Thanks Bobbi, you are amazing. More than ever our food is our medicine. It sounds like Walmart has it’s own line and they give everything a kitchy name.

  2. My Walmart has Vital Farms eggs under 6.00 with a date Nov 4 n got them oct 12. . ( I was shocked finding them as didn’t see them at the big name Stores just an hr prior. ) Btw usually 7.00 at big name stores. Your Walmart is Amazing!

  3. My Walmart had pasture raised eggs including vital farms. I am just south of Chicago. However, Vital farms has been out of stock for a few weeks now.

  4. I shop at Walmart every week, usually utilizing their free curbside pickup. This gave me some new tempting ideas to try. Thank you!

  5. There are some great deals on Ibotta for a lot of the things you share. Some things can be a bit expensive so every bit of savings can help encourage people to buy healthier options. Thanks for all of the great videos. I always find some new items through them.

  6. Great video. I will be visiting walmart in the very near future. There are too many commercials during your presentations. I know you got to pay the bills. But it is a distraction when you are reviewing a product.

  7. Bobby the Damson is a plum, as in "Damson Plum" . It has a dark blue/purple skin. and fresh off the tree it also has a white almost powder like residue. Really good in jams or split open and sun dried. =)

  8. What about doing a Ralphs grocery haul? I love your channel I am learning so much, can you do a video on pre dietbetic foods what to buy, I need to lose 55 pounds. I've been watching the carbs and sugars, do you know how many carbs and sugars a day to eat? Thank you keep on filming. I look forward to more of your videos.

  9. Love this info… but I love kewpie more 🤣🤣🤣 I cannot give it up and a lot of my fellow Korean and Japanese viewers would agree it’s a kitchen staple. Now if you can make a healthy version though I would totally try it!

  10. Mr. Bobby and Art can you guys tell me which is better, for Type 2 Diabetics Keto or Paleo Diet, I know you bobby, art and Dessi are extremely busy people could y'all send me a list of the Keto or Paleo foods. I would really thank you very much.

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