What To Purchase At Walmart In 2021 – Walmart Grocery Haul

What To Purchase At Walmart In 2021 – Walmart Grocery Haul

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31 thoughts on “What To Purchase At Walmart In 2021 – Walmart Grocery Haul

  1. You didn't mention the Silk Coconut Milk. It has verified organic on the carton, I've been drinking that because that's what I could find.

  2. Trish from Colorado here – never commented on your videos but watch a lot. Love the "beyond toxic" Keep up the professional, very informative posts!! ps always looking for less expensive healthy food!

  3. Ghee is not meant to keep in fridge. It is meant to be solid at room temperature. We Indians use ghee all the time. Did you try Amul ghee or Deep ghee? You can get in an Indian store or even Costco! You will like it!

  4. You do speak a lot about the fats in dairy products but we are a dairy free family. So we’ve been getting the So Delicious Vanilla cocomilk yogurt. What do you feel about it? And what recommendations for dairy free butters? And milks?

  5. Since I started watching and learning from your videos, it takes me forever to shop in the grocery store. I read every label now. Thanks for all your info!

  6. Wait did I hear you say your moving to my beloved free state of Florida? Well I wish you the best here. And you will have to a haul from our hometown grocer Publix.

  7. I just love you all. Good luck moving to Florida. Love your sweet Rose honey. Her name suits her. I keep getting asked to join “optavia” which is Medifast but I rather lose 30 lbs on Whole Foods and clean eating so keep those ideas flowing

  8. Bobby is a savage. He keeps filming few more secs despite being kicked out. Just like I do one last bmx trick after being kicked out

  9. Man I love these videos! You always mention the difference between Irish vs USA dairy .. i lived in Europe for a while and It would be cool to see a video comparing European grocery ingredients vs US.

  10. If you really really want to eat healthy this is the guy to watch. He puts a lot of time into finding what’s good and what kills.

  11. These stores should welcome your input on the products they sell rather than getting defensive about it. A growing number of people are waking up to the fact that they need to upgrade their diets so the management needs to listen to you and stock more Bobby-approved items.

  12. I found the Tessemae's organic ranch dressings at the 99¢ store. They're pretty good, and the price is excellent.

  13. Hi Bobby Parrish, can you make a video on why exactly you say that canola oil is highly toxic and inflammatory? I have been trying to find an answer online but many fitness experts say it is healthy to consume. In fact a publication by Harvard school of medicine says that canola oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and helps reduce the LDL cholesterol and improve heart health. The toxic erucic acid is actually low in canola oil compared to rapeseed oil (0.01% in commercially available canola oils) and the toxic hexane is also extremely low as most of it is removed during refining. I also got to know that the GMO component is only in the protein of the canola flower that makes it resistant to pesticides and herbicides and not in its fat/oil derived from the seeds. It is recommended to NOT heat the oil until its vapour point or burn it to get its maximum benefits, which in my opinion holds true for any of the oils available. Many online resources say that it is a myth to call canola oil bad for your health. So can you please make a video making it clear regarding health effects of canola oil with some meaning references. Much appreciated, thank you!

  14. Bobby you are going miss the Cold 🥶❄️ weather of chicago, goodbye snow 🌨️❄️.
    Thanks for the video I have learned so much. Pls take care. Thank you guys for all you do.

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