21 thoughts on “What To Purchase At Dealer Joe's In 2021 – Wholesome Grocery Haul

  1. Do you believe that showing product is organic? Who proved it I can't trust most of the consumer makes money you are reading nutrients ingredient but still preserved rather then cooked by scratch that's why I do never ever by frozen things buy sleazy fresh that way more healthy.

  2. I went to Trader Joe’s today and didn’t find no grsss fed milk or cheese or beef I was disappointed I thought the store got good items maybe different locations but I doubt it u never know tho that was my first time going to Trader Joe’s I would go to a different one but atm I’m not because I didn’t find what I was looking for but u found some good items in this video.

  3. Two snacks that are easily in the top 5 healthiest there that you've mentioned in other videos in the past: Organic olive oil popcorn and the Savory banana and nuts trek mix. The trek mix is a fairly new item within the last year or so which is absolutely delicious and addicting. The organic olive oil popcorn has been around for well over a decade – also super yummy and addicting! :o)

  4. I love your informative food hauls!!!! I just got your your newest cookbook and it’s great!!!!!I have learned so much good nutrition info from you and I love shopping even more now at Costco and Trader Joe’s…thx again and hope you love Florida✌️♥️

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  6. I shop at Trader Joe’s every week and thank you for your tips I’ll be sure to look out for them.
    I did end up picking the turkey organic lunchmeat yesterday.

  7. Next time you go shopping use your cell phone video Do not say nothing when you're filming inside of a grocery store Then later on go back home and then add your voice to the video That way you will not get in trouble by the staff

  8. Use your cell phone If you use your cell phone video Then you will not get in trouble by the Staff They'll just think that you're looking at a list on your cell phone

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