40 thoughts on “What To Purchase At Costco In 2021 – HUGE Costco Haul

  1. Thank you for making me more aware of how to read labels..
    In one of your videos I know you mentioned Rao's sauce.. so I was about to get it until I saw Sonoma sauce.. everything is organic and made with organic vegetables and is not water down like other sauces..
    I like to know if you have reviewed this sauce and what you think if it.. I noticed it will be discontinued soon at Costco but maybe thrive market carries it??

  2. Natural anything seems to be a bad thing. Natural color is bad also. Just found out I'm allergic to carmine. Bugs!! Smashed bug that are used as a red food coloring.

  3. I literally just cancelled my membership today. The people working at Costco are all riffraff. They are the dregs of society.

  4. Thanks Bobby, Appreciate you videos. Please ask Brad/Art to sit on the products for 5 more beats so we can absorb the label fully. Both front and back. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

  5. 20 year Costco member and I want to see products made in the US. I am sick of companies like this making money off of us but never investing in our country, our products, and our businesses. Tired of this store selling almost 85% Chinese made products on their shelves.

  6. Awww I have a business center Costco, and a regular Costco near me, and they both didn't have that cheese dip 🙁 I was really looking forward to some plant based nachos.

  7. Hi Bobby!
    I tried searching for your app, but I didn’t find it 🙁 can you let me know if it is active and what do I search to download?

  8. Can you add a list of your Bobby Approved items from your video as a list so i can copy and past into my shopping list? I have to play your video while I shop and I miss some items. Big Thanks – New Follower – already ordered the BOOKS- can't wait for delivery today

  9. Organic Costco eggs? Yes or no? What about the Whole Earth Stevia Leaf and Monk Fruit Sweetener Packets, 400-count
    I live in South Fla? What country are you moving to? I can mention my favorite Costcos? Does Costco mind that you video in the stores?

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