34 thoughts on “What Pokemon Playing cards to BUY in 2021

  1. Our distributor has told us that the Hidden Fates ETB is now expected to release at the end of February now (not January as previously expected).

  2. I've recently got back into getting pokemon cards I'm not looking to buy and sell do anyone have any recommendations to buy packs and where from?

  3. Randolf, I'm new to the hobby and have a few cards I am thinking of sending off to be graded (evolutions onwards) could you do a video explaining how companies like graded gem work and some of the costs included please? I'm 40 disabled and it all confuses me so much lol I bought my nephews cards in 1999 and sadly they got heavily played with and put in the bin

  4. I'd love a video about the different types of collections people have! You touched on binder collectors vs graded card collectors and I know others collect misprints. I personally collect water type. I'd love a run down of some cool ways to categorise collections with examples of collections you find particularly interesting? Great video tho Randy! You content is always tops for me.

  5. Thanks for the info! Haven’t really watched a video like this before and I appreciate it because it makes me excited for what is coming! That 25th anniversary set is going to be fire I hope

  6. I like discussion and informative videos as well as pack openings. Channels that strickly do openings get quite boring.

    So having videos like these are a nice refresher from the same content. I also like the non scripted format. Makes its seem more natural and not forced. Get a better sense of your joy for the hobby.

    If I didn't live in the US I would absolutely help support your store but the shipping costs would put a dent in my funds for the hobby.

  7. These video's are great, I'm just getting back into collecting after 25 years and it's great to know what sort of sets i should look at to collect

  8. Would love to see some BTS videos on the Pokerand business dude! How it all works, how products are processed and how you guys are growing! Loving your work! 👍

  9. I think a cool video idea could be to go over what sets and card types now, will or could be the next popular vintage or super high $$ cards like 10 years from now? Like what could have the same influence as base set, fossil etc.

  10. Randolph. When lockdown is over nationwide you and some UK YouTubers have to do a supermarket sweep!
    You all livestream your run around town/shops looking for Pokemon cards then you all open them and whoever gets the most value from their spending spree wins something you decide on.
    What do you think?

  11. Hey Randy Love the vids but if it's okay can you talk about what/when your restocking in terms of booster boxes, as I'm mid way through completing darkness ablaze and rebel clash and I'm not sure whether I should buy from you or grade/sell my cards. Thanks

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