We Use To Attempt Guitars Then Purchase Them. Now We Purchase Guitars To Attempt Them.

We Use To Attempt Guitars Then Purchase Them. Now We Purchase Guitars To Attempt Them.

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  1. I don't know for sure without seeing inside any given guitar, but I suspect for simplicity reasons that coil-splitter circuits usually work by grounding one of the two coils. This does not actually remove the coil from the circuit, and the active coil would still be able to interact with the shorted coil and induce current in it which simply travels in a loop and serves only to dampen the sound. A true single coil of course would not suffer from that. With somewhat more complex circuity, the unused coil could be open-circuited, which I posit would sound more like a true single-coil, since now the unused coil is truly removed from the circuit.

  2. you know when it comes to people you know they're worried about doing stuff on their guitar because it affects their resale value and I guess in a way I think like that too but just in my circumstances every single guitar I bought I will not sell there's no reason to sell them I wanted the guitar I got the guitar because I wanted it I didn't buy it as a resale value collector's thing because I don't have that kind of cash and besides you know I play all my guitars and yeah you know I don't kind of get you know buying a guitars and then getting rid of it because you know you love it so much but then you get rid of it anyway I mean all the guitars that I have are guitars I wanted one of the guitars I I wanted since 19 early 70s and I'm finally got it 40 years later I ain't going to sell that mother and yeah you know I'm going to keep every guitar I have so that's how I roll like I said in other comments I'm writing a book here apparently this is chapter what the seven maybe so maybe I should shut my mouth and let my text-to-speech rest and give all you people out there arrest from all my comments and my comments that go on to other topics and have nothing to do with guitars this mouth won't shut up tonight so I'm going to try though I'm really going to try to seal yours, Bob the blind bedroom guitarist

  3. Is tuning by year an old school thing these days I mean I remember having a court tuner that had a dial on it so you had to turn the dial for eadg ETC and it was a good little device not cheap but like Phil when I'm home like today I was playing my gretsch and you know I just strum I just keep hitting the ENA rhythmic way until I think it's a and then I just the tune straight down from that I'm not playing with other people that's what I would use a tuna but yeah you know and it's quicker I find it quicker cuz I can't use a snack or anything like that the only tuner I found and it actually a phone app I've tried the you know regular tune is to lots of app tuners Android and I found that I can actually use the fender tuner the app the fender tuning app I won't get into why but it's something I could use and I don't see the need to do that unless I'm going to be using a backing track playing to it so then I would use it but otherwise if I'm just using a drum track or just playing a natural 🙂 and no that's not nude although maybe that term would imply that LOL but yeah I just tuned the way I learned to you know fifth fret you know that whole magilla there so sincerely yours, about the blind bedroom guitarist I should be Bob the blind bedroom commenting guitarist because I'm leaving a shitload of comments today again stay safe again stay safe

  4. I don't get why people buy like the 59s or other gifts and copy pickups which I think pretty much is what they are period especially when see what Duncan is not any really cheaper than buying the pick up some gibson. Gibson makes amazing pickups I can't see why people would buy a Gibson I don't know if they do and then swap out see what Duncan's to put in there or something I'm sure people do stuff like that they take out the pickups for some other brand a pickup manufacturers but yeah I mean Gibson's pickups are amazing and they're not cheap even used they're pretty expensive but you know that would be the way I go you know if I wanted a rock sound or something like that you know I would probably buy Gibson pickups that's just me of course and I'm partial I guess and biased I guess cuz I like absence shoot me shoot me please somebody shoot me LOL long paragraph I'm sorry I'm in long sentence again no punctuation that's how I roll as a blind guy using speech to text I'm just that kind of a guy I like to use speech to text because I can't see anymore to type so specially on these little keyboards even though I have a large phone still can't manage it but then again that's how I roll like I said above sincerely yours, Bob's a blind bedroom guitarist PS using text to speech man it has its own take on the English language got to love it sincerely yours, again Bob the blind bedroom guitarist stay safe everybody

  5. you know I just wanted to add another comment I don't understand Gibson's marketing why they took the firebird which had not mistaken originally for many years had a unequal two pickups could be wrong but they are much lower output The originals and and the putting in such hot pickups you know I guess maybe they did some kind of asome kind of marketing research or surveys and decided that the more people are playing hot pickups but I don't know how they came up with that idea yeah don't understand that but I'm not complaining sincerely yours, Bob the blind bedroom guitarist

  6. 0I own three guitars with ceramic pickups in a Gibson and two Gretchen you can already Guess The grudges are electromatics the Gibson is actually a firebird expensive guitar the electromatics will not cheap either and I like them you know I love the way they sound I have no desire to change them out because they're lacking something. I'm kind of thinking about getting mojo pickups for the firebird and it's not because I don't like those pickups I love to pick up that are in that guitar they they do clean and well and they do a high gain well of course to like the hottest magnets I've ever seen specwise LOL but yeah you know I was thinking to try in the mojo tone Johnny went the signature pickups he was one of my favorite guitarists I don't think by putting those pickups in I'm going to sound anything like Johnny went to that would be a joke to think that but yeah and they also have a bridge pickup that uses a el Niko 8 magnet also high output I think it's like 16 or 17 ohms for the bridge pickup and it's strange because my neck pick up is if I'm not mistaken I remember ohms so I got that right the ohms the output resistance the and if I remember correctly the stock bridge pickup is like 25 I might be wrong but I don't think so but yeah those are three pickups I'm just interested in what they would sound like but if I do pull that trigger it's not because I don't like the ceramic pickups that are in the Gibson cuz I do and I really like the ones in the Grinch so yeah that's my two cents on ceramic pickups sincerely yours, Bob the blind bedroom guitarist PS yeah one long sentence no punctuation etc using text to speech which has its own take on the English language smiling face everyone happy holidays and stay safe

  7. haha! I've met my idol (not at NAMM) back in 2002 and I was a total dork, too. but, I'm sure anyone meeting McCartney would turn into a total blithering idiot. first of all, I called him "Pablo" and I accidentally went into character as him and did the accent and all! But, he did stay and chat me up for a few minutes and sign my Hofner

  8. phil is literally the best guitar channel on youtube because he actually gives real reviews, all the other channels have personal gain if you buy from their site or store or whatever else bias

  9. My fav boutique pup make is OC Duffs. His Strat Ones, PAF style are the bomb. All of my friends that play my guitars with his pups are blown away.. I even put them in a Squier ‘51 and up graded all of the hardware and an S1 circuit and now a $100 used guitar is a tone monster with a PAF in the bridge and a Strat One in the neck…great advice Phil..I am keeping my OC Duffs,!!

  10. ? Phil, please make some recommendations on building shelving that houses multiple guitars heads.

    Do you still have the 4×12 built into the closet of your guitar room with the 3 heads stacked on it? What shelving are you using there? ?

  11. 😃 Hey Phil, years ago I put together a JB Player T style with a EMG select, and a Duncan Full Shred with no tone control. Every time someone said it had great tone, I pointed out "volume only". 😁 I think the alinico V tone is what they liked.

  12. I had a MIM tele with ceramic pickups, it was terrible for country but great for emo/punk/hardcore/grunge/indie/alternative. Basically everything counter culture it was good at.

  13. Phil, have you ever done a sharpen my axe episode on Les Paul standard Epiphone then compare it to a Gibson Les Paul (sound and price)?

  14. I usually feel pretty good about buying a guitar online, because other than a warped neck, I'm pretty confident I can fix whatever issues it my have. Amps & especially tube amps are a different story…

  15. Phil, if you happen to see this, are you interested in selling the Yvette Young? I though it was gone but I think I see it behind you in this video…

  16. Title is because of cheap guitars and now COVID. Just because someone likes a certain guitar doesn’t mean that I will. An amp that has a certain compression to it drives me crazy.

  17. I bought a SSS loaded pickguard from a small builder in Florida for my MIM Strat and she sounds great. I wanted that old classic Strat sound from the 50s and I got just that.

    Top of the line parts for well under $100. This was 5 years ago so the price may have gone up a little.

  18. Got the Revv G20 and Revv foot pedal for 15% off at Sweetwater. Wanted one for so long and couldn’t resist that deal. If you want the G20 or D20 now is the time to get one.

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