Warren Buffett compares shopping for shares to being a farmer

Warren Buffett compares shopping for shares to being a farmer

Shopping for a farm and investing within the inventory market is probably not that completely different in spite of everything.

The legendary investor Warren Buffett — dubbed the Oracle of Omaha — made the analogy throughout Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder assembly explaining the benefit of shares.

“Think about for a second that you simply determined to take a position cash now and you obtain a farm,” mentioned Buffett, the chairman and CEO Berkshire Hathaway. “For example you obtain 160 acres…and the farmer subsequent to you had 160 equivalent acres, similar contour, similar soil high quality.”

Now, think about that the farmer who has the identical farm as yours makes you a suggestion every single day to both promote his farm to you or purchase yours, he continued.

“That is a really obliging neighbor,” Buffett mentioned.

This pricing benefit is one thing you don’t get with farms, however you get with shares, in response to Buffett.

Shopping for shares — like shopping for a farm — means you’re shopping for right into a enterprise. However with shares, you might have an added benefit of getting that neighbor — or different traders — supplying you with a value in your farm every single day.

“The one factor it’s important to do is do not forget that this man subsequent door is there to serve you and to not instruct you,” Buffett mentioned. “To procure the farm since you thought the farm had the potential. You don’t want a quote on it.”

‘Shares have an unlimited benefit’
Many individuals might even see a drawback in being continually supplied a value in your inventory — or a farm — and many individuals might revenue from telling you they’ll predict what the farmer will supply tomorrow or subsequent week.

However you don’t should take heed to them, Buffett mentioned, particularly now.

For those who owned a enterprise that you simply preferred earlier than the coronavirus pandemic, no one’s forcing you to promote even with altering costs.

“For those who actually just like the enterprise and also you just like the administration, and the enterprise hasn’t basically modified,” Buffett mentioned, “the shares have an unlimited benefit. You continue to can guess on America.”

The American story, as Buffett calls it, might have interruptions, a lot of which you are not going to foresee.

So in case you had that farm, and your neighbor supplied you $2,000 an acre on Monday, $1,200 an acre the following day, and possibly then $800 an acre the day after, that shouldn’t change your analysis of the farm’s potential.

“Are you going to let this man drive you into considering: ‘I higher promote as a result of this quantity retains coming in decrease on a regular basis?’” he mentioned.

Bringing the fitting psychological method to proudly owning frequent shares is vital: Betting on that farm could also be higher than listening to the neighboring farmer.

“For those who guess on America and maintain that place for many years, you’re going to do much better than proudly owning Treasury securities,” Buffett mentioned, “or much better than following individuals who inform you what the farmer goes to yell out subsequent.”

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45 thoughts on “Warren Buffett compares shopping for shares to being a farmer

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  5. Buffet: invest in index, ignore the noise. Buy and hold. No one can predict the future.


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  8. This man sees opportunities like a farmer smells rain. His analogies are top notch and his views has helped shaped I and my financial advisor on making the best trade decisions.

  9. No. Being an investor is actually like being a miner. The first one to dig the mine reap the most rewards, but more risky because of unstable tunnels. When the mine has been depleted, you move on to the next mine. But sometimes, there are undiscovered tunnels and caves in that mine that the first miners missed, that way newer generation of miners can have a clear pathway and know what to expect with less risk.

  10. Exactly. It doesn't matter if the prices skyrocket. It doesn't matter if they go down. Coronavirus is not really important. Just keep those positions, think long term and let the compound interest do its magic.

  11. Such wise words. I recently picked up & read The Intelligent Investor because Buffett recommended it so highly. Bottom line is “don’t leverage too highly and buy based on book value (net tangible assets etc) not market value”.

  12. this is the same guy who says to not buy Bitcoin. the single greatest investment opportunity of our generation. i have respect for him but his time has passed.

  13. What I learnt here is that you should buy into stocks (a business) because you know and believe that that business will do well and let that define your buy/hold/sell position on the value of your stocks versus being influenced by others playing with the same or similar stocks

  14. Buffett is a great teacher and story teller. His advice is so priceless as always. A farmer will do much better by cultivating and tending his farm than bothering about the price of his farm on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  15. It apparently looks like a legendary businessman appealing people to have faith in his country & invest in his country to sustain & help growing the economy of his country & ultimately him in the time of crisis.

    But it is totally irrelevant to compare farming with buying stocks since fundamentally these two things are different. It is misleading.

    These capitalists have intentionally restricted the definition of development over the decades to only two things
    1) economical development &
    2) technological development
    They have been imposing rather constantly hammering these definition into people's mind through such talks.

    Farming is aptly called AGRICULTURE in India because it is an integral part of culture & not only money making business.
    Indian culture has revolutionised an individual human in 5 aspects
    1) psychology 2) sociology 3) economics
    4) politics & 5) philosophy
    This is the integrated development.
    Economics is just one fifth.
    A farmer adopting this Agriculture can realise the inner bliss of the very essence of the development in all the above 5 aspects.

    Yes..money is one of the most important instrument to achieve your ultimate goal but it is not everything.
    Money could be a byproduct of farming but not the intention.

  16. Greetings from Kenya Uncle Warren!
    You my friend gave me the biggest secret of all… COMPOUNDING!

    Now I teach it to my nephews and nieces from all around the world!

  17. Learn to trade and stop listening to 'gurus'! warren buffet performance is due to luck and timing, he rode the longest bullmarket in the history of humanity by buying us stocks early on. That's it. You'll never be able to reproduce his performance, you are better off day trading and understanding how markets work rather than listing to nonesense.

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