35 thoughts on “***WARNING*** DISCOUNTS SAVE MILLIONS GTA On-line

  1. It most certainly is still a flex if you buy it on discount, I’ve never bought anything that wasn’t on discount and I own almost everything in the game. My Luxor and swift deluxes are still flex’s cuz you can’t look at it and see I bought it on discount. Same with my yacht. Absolutely disagree with that comment.

  2. $111M left in my bank for retirement and here I am going to come out of it to see what’s the new DLC about. Let’s see if I can regain $11M back after the Black Friday sale.

  3. Ty, I'll join as a member right now if you can help or anyone in the community here can help. Here's my question. How do you get the blue RP to show up on headshots. When I get headshots all I see is a Red X no matter where I shot the person. I Wanna see the rp sign show up on headshots and not the red X. How do I change this?

  4. Yeah I see your point but the DLC will be in the game forever, this discount is only for a weekend which I think is okay, I have 4million and spent 2.5million and I’m fine cause I know that I don’t need anything in the DLC right away

  5. Guys don't buy anything new on the first day of the release of Cayo Peirce heist if u want to buy HQ to start this heist buy it after few weeks coz everytime after release of new update R* keeps new properties on discount after few weeks and similar with vehicles all the vehicles will be available on podium within 1/2months so don't spend all ur money on first day. And if any of u want to buy vehicles on sale buy the ones which are useful like mk2,terrorbyte.

  6. Set yourself a limit and don’t drop under that mines 50million because then no matter what I can afford anything that comes out if you’re bad with saving cash you can swap character and withdraw your money then swap back so you’re not tempted to spend it then when you need it back go on the other character and deposit it

  7. i have pretty much almost all the things that are on sale already except the gold planes and the ruiner, anyway do you guys think it’s good to get the penthouse garage bc all of my garages are full. should i get the penthouse rn or wait for the dlc and get a garage then?

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