30 thoughts on “Wanna purchase a field of skinny mints? [Best Ending]

  1. ~ Prayer to Shin'nai ~
    Shin'nai-san's guardians are…
    One, snake, two, monkey, three, crow, four, spider.
    Five, prepare for the feast when the evening mists arrive.
    Six, the badger runs along late with nare as a fix.
    Seven, the corrupt yomibito rise to oppose the mountain.
    Eight, death of the damned yomibito is the mandate.
    Nine, one soul per day now to bind.
    Ten, the mists rise away again.

  2. Lips chase girl through Super Mario 64, (a house?), Big Chungus, the Eiffel Tower, a Grubhub ad, a Kroger, Lofi Rick Roll, Among Us Map, Sans’ Death, 3-D Morshu, GameCube, Levan Polkka, Dancing Cat, the ocean, an imposter scene, penguinz0 scream, Lazy Town, Shrek’s swamp, PUBG game where PewDiePie says n-word, and a bunch of astronauts in space, then eventually eats the kid, spits them out and breaks the screen.

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