Waggoner Ranch: Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale at $725 Million

Waggoner Ranch: Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale at $725 Million

The Waggoner Ranch in north Texas is barely smaller than Rhode Island and is the biggest ranch within the U.S. inside a single fence. All the things about it’s …

42 thoughts on “Waggoner Ranch: Iconic Chunk of Texas for Sale at $725 Million

  1. As usual someone builds something and the relatives and kids sell it off for money, in the end nothing will be left of the ranch or the money.

  2. You are selling a states worth of land to the highest bidder. Make sure it’s another American ranching family and make it part of the agreement that it must go to another ranching family after that.

  3. Mark my words. Someone will come soon, get it back from this Kroenke and make Brooke the CEO and give her back her home. It is so sad. This someone will come unexpected and out of nowhere.

  4. This is about 797 square miles of land, you could drive 60mph for 13 hrs and still not be out of the property, if your in the center of the property it takes about 7 hours to get to the outside, the size of this is insane

  5. What a waste. It should be kept in the family. And since they are selling it, 725 million is way to cheap. Atleast 2-3 billion is what i would ask, given the fact of what is being bought and given when purchased.

  6. I guess the three dumb ass children W.T. Waggoner had were so spoiled that they didn’t really understand what valuable history their family had left them. What a shame that they place sold and is now going to change. Dumb kids were so rotten that money is all that mattered. Their father and grandfather rolled over in their graves when they sold that place. Stupidity running rapid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is my grandmother Electra and her sister who sold the Ranch… Sadly I never got a chance to see it before they sold it, but hopefully I will get a chance to visit one day….

  8. Such a shame when family argues over land. My great grandfather left land to his kids and to this day the grandkids (my aunts and uncles and their cousins) are arguing over what to do with the land. It has caused a rift in the family that shouldn't have been.
    This ranch has so much history and I can't see it staying a ranch unless a conservancy buys it and tries to maintain some of the old west.

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