Villager Buying and selling Corridor With Curing Reductions Minecraft Bedrock Tutorial 1.16 Nether Replace

Villager Buying and selling Corridor With Curing Reductions Minecraft Bedrock Tutorial 1.16 Nether Replace

This can be a pretty easy tileable buying and selling corridor structure I got here up with some weeks again, and the opposite day I made a decision it was value masking. So right here you go. I may also …

46 thoughts on “Villager Buying and selling Corridor With Curing Reductions Minecraft Bedrock Tutorial 1.16 Nether Replace

  1. Q&A:
    Q: When are you going to show how to add the iron farm?
    A: Not anytime soon. I suck with villager tech and I can't seem to set it up consistently, so I prefer not to confuse people. Sorry if you were looking forward to it.
    Q: Linking not working properly?
    A: Make sure there is no workstation blocks in the vicinity outside of those you want the villagers to link to. Also, in general just no villager tech within 96 blocks horizontally and 76 blocks vertically from your hall.

    Q: My villager died instead of turning into a zombie villager?
    A: Your difficulty has to be on Hard.

    Q: some other random villager question
    A: Go watch my good friend 0ld guy's villager mechanics videos. He explains the villager mechanics very well and it is very much worth your time.

  2. I have a slight problem
    The first few villagers worked and wanted to trade but once I put in the villagers at the end they did not want to link to their jobs
    Any tips?

  3. Yo thank u so much for this I cant Express how useful this was in my survival world, and the tutorial was easy to follow👍👍

  4. How long does it take for the discounts to wear off? Because it only discounts one item with every healing process, so depending on the time I may or may not use this.

  5. I just built up the farm and I traded with the villagers and they won’t restock. I followed all the instructions and I don’t know what to do now?

  6. Has anyone noticed the villager curing discount doesn’t work well anymore? We used to get 1 emerald discounts. Now they are only discounted a few emeralds.

  7. Does this still work in 1.16.100? It was working flawlessly earlier, but after the update, the prices only go down by a few emeralds whenever I cure the middle villager.

  8. Turning villagers into zombie villagers: modes
    Easy: villager 100% chance of dying
    Normal: 50%
    Hard: 0% chance of dying.
    According to my testing.

  9. I’m having a lot of trouble with the villager linking. They’re in water ( just to be clear) but when I bring a new villager in and attempt to change his trades (by moving the lectern back and forth) the previous villager forgets he was linked and links himself to the other workstation. I’m not sure if this is bugged or a flaw design but If anyone has any advice I’d be glad to hear it

  10. By the way, I've tested this out in my survival world and this farm is stackable. The Villagers in the other layers are accepting their jobs, and I haven't experienced any lag from them.

  11. The discounts only went down by a few emeralds each time I cured the zombie villager in the middle. However, when I cured my villagers individually it gave me 1 emerald trades instantly. Big sad.

  12. Is it possible to stack these on top of each other? I want one level to be librarians, another one to be weaponsmith, another one to be blacksmith, and so on and so on. I only want to have 4 professions.

  13. This design is perfect.
    Ive been looking for a easy villager trading hall design to work with for my series.
    I am gonna do a little bit of tweaks on this design but still .
    Amazing design
    Very cheap
    And doable in early game

  14. Oh, that’s how is work. I use this for books like mending. I have your sugar an e-card and a melon and pump farm with farmer villagers. Makes emeralds. I need to make another one of this to get more emeralds

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