Up to date TV Offers Prime Day: the Finest TVs Discounted!

Up to date TV Offers Prime Day: the Finest TVs Discounted!

Finest TV Offers of Prime Day Reductions & Gross sales Beneath:
Finest Cinema HDR :: SONY A8H OLED
75” Finest VALUE :: SAMSUNG RU9000
$1,000 65″ Gaming :: SONY X900H
55” Freesync HDR :: SAMSUNG Q90T
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Editor’s Selection MOVIE WATCHING TVs:
Hisense H9G
8K Q900TS
4K Finances OLED C9:
TLC 6 Collection:
Beneath $600 Gaming HDMI 2.1 + VRR
Vizio M Collection
Inexpensive 4K120
LG Nano85
LG Nano90
Samsung Q70T
Premium Purchase Gaming TV
55” Sony X900H
55” Samsung Q80T
Inexpensive OLED Gaming TV
Vizio 55” OLED [pre-order, 9/13 release date]
Finest OLED Gaming TV
Films & Check Discs:
Biggest Showman
Homicide on the Orient Specific
High Gun 4K HDR
Mad Max
Spears & Munsil Check Disc
HDMI Cables:
HDMI 2.1 Licensed Cables
HDMI 2.zero [email protected] HDR Licensed:
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26 thoughts on “Up to date TV Offers Prime Day: the Finest TVs Discounted!

  1. Boy talk about a uneventful year in Tv's. Best news of recent is if you have a 1440p 120hz Tv for the past year or two you wont miss much of anything in regards to console gaming. Since xbox series x is doing 1800p to 1400p 120hz gaming, its kind of a waste of money to pursue full hdmi 2.1 spec. Anyways keep up the good work fomo.

  2. Could someone help me pick between the q90t and lg cx. Because the q90t is on sale rn im super tempted to buy it. I plan on using my tv for daily watching, Netflix, but mostly gaming. I just can't pick between whats the best tv for me. I like the cx due to the picture quality of oled, 4 hdmi 2.1 ports, and basically having any spec a TV can have rn. However im worried about burn in as well as the fact that the TV would be in a very bright room surrounded all by windows and i dont really like watching or playing games in the dark, so im super tempted to go with the q90t since its brighter and won't have as bad as a glare. Any thoughts on what you think is best?

  3. Can anybody explain why Hisense decided to not make a 75” version of the H9G? Is the TCL 635 the Only descent HDR performer in 75” for under $1600?!!

  4. I just cancel the TCL 6 series and decide to wait for H9G restock. I decide to buy a TV because of PS5, but also I am a movie lover. When I order the TCL, whenever I watch a comparison video, it's clearly H9G has better display performance than TCL and also better than many good LCD TV much more expensive. But when I finally decide to cancel the TCL 6 series, and I watch this video, they tell me TCL has better gaming performance. Oh, that really makes life harder for a person like me who is not good at the decision. I hope there will be better TV come up soon in 2021 worth my waiting.

  5. Just got the sony x900h 65 inch and tbh I love it. I even did the set up for the guy on YouTube to make the picture "the most accurate" but tbh, my favorite picture mode is surprisingly the "vivid" mode. It just looks the best in my opinion. Does anyone else agree with me? I read vivid isnt a good picture option to use but I think it looks the best.

  6. I'm wondering if you know whether the LG CX 55" will see $1300 by the Black Friday lead up. I'm looking to update from a TCL p607! I want the VRR and other features so I'm pretty set on this.

  7. FOMO can you help me with just some quick recommends ? I am looking for a QLED TV with 120 HZ Refresh Rate for PS5 .. Under 1000$ price range … is there any good ones worth buying such as TCL 6 series ? please reply if possible thanks.

  8. Please I need your help I originally was going to get the 900h because of the update it's sold out 65in is like the same price as the 55. With that being said I see the Sony OLED 1299 and I'm also crossed shopping Samsung's Q90. I am a gamer however it will be used for 50/50 and I'm in no hurry to get the Next Generation consoles please help what do you recommend or suggest

  9. Just checked Amazon again A8H still $1798 ships and sold by Amazon. Also shows 10 percent back if you use your Amazon card. So that's $180 back. Such a great deal. If it didn't already have my Q90R I'd be tempted.

  10. While I think for the time being I’m going to wait until next year, to buy a tv, maybe in the summer… but I got a Samsung 55 inch curved ks8500 and it still does what I want it to do. I am curious about Dolby Vision, but I think I can wait, until next year. Though the fact that LotR is coming out this year, with Dolby Vision, I think I will wait until next year to buy the big pack of all 6 lotr, and hobbit movies… if that is still Warner brothers plan. But we shall see. I think I’m fine with the TV I have know. I mean I don’t think I would mind an oled, the only fear about one of those is the risk of burn in…. especially when playing games. See I am likely to be playing the same game, for about a year, before I even feel like playing something else…. though it’s not like I can play during the week. I only really have any free time in the weekends.

  11. Hey FOMO . Would love to see a a recommendation list for other markets like Australia. Its hard to compare models sometimes. I have a Hisense Q8. I'm not even sure what it's equivalent is in the USA

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