Sorry this August haul is late! On this video are comparatively fundamental clothes, plus just a few outsized items that I attempted to type 🙂 Watch ’til the top for particulars about our …


  1. I just found your channel and I cannot express how I love your channel 😍 I'm from Philippines too and I like Ukay-ukay clothes. Your style is timeless 😌 thank you so much 🤗

  2. I really like watching your ukay hauls not only because you buy such lovely items but your voice is also soothing to listen to 😊

  3. Hi please pick me as your guest! I wanna explore your tips and learn new styles to serve as an inspiration since I’m a freshman fine arts student. I hope you get to notice this comment huhuhu ❤️

  4. Hi Shai! Im here to see if I can get a chance to win your special invite for the ‘A Dialogue on Personal Style’. First of all, it’s my birthday on the 12th hehe! Pls pls spare me the invite LOL! Kidding aside, you inspired to be more creative especially on ukay stuff! I started doing the ukay fashionast year and friends, workmates etc cannot believe that most of the stuff I wear are from ukay! I even went to your Closet cleaning last yr and bought A LOT of good items there! That Ukay in tagaytay you mentioned on one of your vids is one of fave spot! And uhmmmm you inspired to make time for my photography skills too! In fact, started an event photography business myself. And went to scout mag talk last year when you were emotional telling us your story. I WAS CRYING with you!!!! Yeah yeah Im like a fan girl here. Anyways, keep shining Shai! Thanks! 😊

  5. Nice ukay-ukay haul! Love the pieces you got 😍

    I would love to attend the Pandora event because I believe it would help me with my personal style. I have been so interested with fashion since I was a little girl and to be in a room full of fashionable people talking about fashion and styling would be a dream. It would help me find my own unique style 'cause I am honestly still shy to dress up when going out.

  6. I like the green plaid, interesting back. My mother loves ukay-ukay and is a dressmaker so she can alter or adjust oversized clothes. Thank you for sharing your fashion tips Shaira. I wish you more success. 🙂

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