Trying to Purchase the PS5 or Xbox from Goal (Unconfirmed) – PlayStation 5 Stream

Trying to Purchase the PS5 or Xbox from Goal (Unconfirmed) – PlayStation 5 Stream

Let’s attempt to safe a PS5 or Xbox from Goal and different retailers as nicely. That is NOT confirmed. The stream has zero delay and I’ll paste hyperlinks in chat in addition to …

50 thoughts on “Trying to Purchase the PS5 or Xbox from Goal (Unconfirmed) – PlayStation 5 Stream

  1. Do you know of any drops happening today or tomorrow. Your honest and put out true info. Been trying to get a PS5 for my son for a while now. But everytime I have it in my cart. I get errors messages or it gets taken out of my cart or it will keep spinning and not go through. It's been a struggle . Lol . Any info is better then me watching all these false Youtubers put out bad info just for views. Thank you for your help. Wish I could have secured one the night you were stream this live. But all I got was error in payment check process

  2. From the December 15 Walmart PS5 drop, I just received a FedEx tracking number with estimated delivery on December 27.
    My son scored a PS5 from the latest Best Buy drop and picked it up this morning.
    You have done an excellent job streaming the drops, thank you.

  3. Hey all, I luckily bought a ps5 from Walmart on Dec 15th, but its still "preparing " has anyone had there's shipped yet or received?? Thank you

  4. Hope Boston gets some ASAP… both my sons want one and it’s been impossible….They willing to skip Xmas and wait for the Ps5 lol

  5. Not sure we are doing this correctly. But I think we are supposed to comment here. We think our boys Teachers, friends and their families have helped all of us get through this nightmare and it takes a village… so those are the folks that have helped us get through each day… grateful!

  6. Bro can I plz win I have to share a ps4 with my brother. I have been trying for so long and I am still trying but you will make my year if I win the ps5 giveaway.

  7. hey jake, love your videos.. my friends and football team have really made my year better, by getting through this rough year and just being able to get out and have fun together

  8. I prayed to GOD for you and your family's excellent health, happiness & wellbeing. I myself was born with a debilitating disease called "Crohn's Disease". I'm better now thanks to the Lord above & his love for me. I once was slim to & now as fat as can be (lol). I pray you to will be as God intended & happy as ever. God sees you my friend & your blessing are already at hand. Keep making people happy the best you can & watch what happens. God be with you. P.S. I hope my words of inspiration make you happy.

  9. Thank you so much! I stayed up with you from beginning to end & did not get the win. I got upset & felt outraged that this is the new normal. I vented to my family then remember you said dont give up after the drop ends. So I went back online & to my surprise a hour later, more drops (Xbox SERIES X) came back. My problem was finding a store to go to. My nearest store kept denying me. Then I did what you said "clear cache/cookies". Another youtuber said to pick a target far from you in a somewhat low population area & it work, no problem got it on the first try (after getting it in my cart 5 times earlier in the drop & rejected due to location). Thanks you so very much for inspiring me during the event, your motivation & funny finger guns kept me awake & entertained throughout it all. Thank you for making me happy!!!

  10. I was sleeping and then at 3:10 jake started to scream "THE PS5 IS LIVE AT TARGET!!!!!".I jumped out of bed went to my phone and tried to get it. I kept clicking buy for an hour but it said error. Then it told me it was out of stock. I was so disappointed. Then I wake up at 10 and I check my email and target emailed me congrats u got the ps5. I STARTED TO JUMP AND SCREAM. I WAS SOO HAPPY AND IF IT WASN'T FOR U JAKE I WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN IT. UR AWESOME JAKE KEEP HELPING OTHERS.

  11. FYI. My wife and I were both on it. I had it on my laptop and she was on her phone. Kept glitching saying nothing was available. I gave up and my wife kept going and got one. Pretty sure they thought I was a bot.

  12. Success!!! Got one on Black Friday through Wal-Mart and it was “ lost in the mail”, Was one of the people Kohl’s got. And finally today!! Thanks dude!!!!

  13. Hey Jake you are the worst persona ever because you ruined my Christmas. I had my playstation 5 in my cart on Target and I put all my information to buy my playstation 5 and I was ready to place my order but you friends you help on your YouTube channel got it before me. Thank you to ruined my Christmas. 🙁💔

  14. Thank you sir for instilling hope and inspiring us. I’d tried 5 times since I saw your stream 3 weeks ago. I set up my Target app at 3am dozed off and woke up at 7:15am (12/21/20). It was available and I drove to my nearest location. I’d have quit if not for you. May God heal you and that you never have to spend Christmas in the hospital again. Merry Christmas to your family and the dog and Happy New Year.

  15. I’m so grateful for you 14 years old son who helped me during my car accident while maintaining his grades ( honors roll) during distance learning. We are so grateful to God for his grace and healing blessing. I’m a new subscriber thank to my son. Your during a fantastic job, thank you!

  16. I’m so grateful for my 14 year old son who helped me during during my car accident while maintaining his grades ( honor roll) during distance learning. It’s been hard for both of us with God’s grace and healing blessings, we are blessed!! I’m a new subscriber thanks to my son! Your during a fantastic job!! Thank you!

  17. This sucks. When I went to my target a employee told me they had a lot of boxes in the back and thought they were ps5 but when they opened them it was a bunch of xboxes was really hoping I could get one before Christmas and this was the first time I actually made it to checkout on these online drops. Hopefully there's another drop and the store has it next time

  18. Jake, you are indeed the GOAT. I was finally able to get a PS5 Digital from Target this morning, all thanks to you! It was purchased within one minute of you announcing that stock had dropped. My best to you and your cause, my man!

  19. Yo jake please lemme kno next time ps5 go in stock i had got one myself through ur system and now i wanted to help my newfew secure bag too. Also bro i been trying to tell u my story is sort of like urs. Love to let u here it one day!

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