36 thoughts on “TRIPLE MONEY & INSANE DISCOUNTS! | Cayo Perico Heist GTA On-line Replace Week

  1. Me and my friends are saving money for the Cato Perico heist one of them has 8 mil and I have 5 mil we do casino heists 3 times a day

  2. Challenge idea: maybe when we get cayo peirco u could get ur mum to play it with a blindfold that be so cool If I could c her again haha jk

  3. Ok, I know that it will sound bad at the start, but I grieffed someone. That person was a griefer and he had a 130K/D so I trolled him at first. He was modding a motorcycle at Ls costum and I killed him with the rc tank. Then we got into a fight and I questioned myself how on earth did he had kd 130. I was beating him and I am bad average at PvP, I lowered his kd to 91 and then, you won’t guess what happened. We literally became friends and started to do missions together. What a twist.

  4. imagine a Star Wars game that is online on Tatooine, kind of like GTA but the races from GTA would be a pod race in this game, jabbas palace could be like the nightclub from GTA, and the canteen could be another business. you would also get to create your own character at the start but it has to be a bounty hunter, you could make your own Mandolorian, IG-88 type droid, or even a Greto thing.

  5. How come nobody talk about the rampant modding going on? Modding so bad it almost makes any DLC pointless. This should be discussed in every video until fixed.

  6. Quick, easy to understand! This is why more people need to be subscribed to you my guy, and thanks for posting 3 useful videos for solo beginners on how to make money it helped a lot!

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