48 thoughts on “TOP three STOCKS TO BUY NOW🚀

  1. love your videos such a fan! can you share what scans you use to identify swings in thinkorswim? more of the teaching how to fish type videos would be awesome

  2. OZSC stock. This is the best stock and its more on renewable energy, E.V energy, charging, best management, and have a great potential to be 20X. Please make a video and present this. Investors will love it. Thank you.

  3. HI Paul – I watch your videos daily and would appreciate your analysis of an uptrend/reversal using the 180 day EMA on the next video. Thank you.

  4. Please who has traded with Martin s.schwatzservice and made profit? I was told he's the best broker and account handler. Alaye no cap

  5. Paul I think someone with your name is asking people to contact them on what’s app for financial advice.it’s your name but it’s not highlighted.

  6. Hey Paul! I watch your videos everyday. Thanks for your content! Can you review NIO?? i think the hype will wear off for short opportunity

  7. I have a question my friend! Is eBay a hold right now? I saw you said you believed it might reach 58 within the next couple weeks.

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