26 thoughts on “TOP 11 STOCKS TO BUY 2020

  1. MA and V are my #2 and #3 positions behind TSLA. They have been stellar performers for me the past three years. Feb and March 2020 will be a mere blip on their long-term appreciation. High confidence for two companies that dominate a huge sector.

  2. I like your analysis…concerned that need for petro is waning tho' there is still $$$ to be made. I'm in Tesla, Illumina, Greystoke Bitcoin (GBTC), Berkshire Class B, Eaton, GOOG and Amazon. Tesla is the shiznits and my big bet for the future. Also play some Crypto. Have 2 rental holdings as well.

  3. Unemployment might be high, but people are making more money off of unemployment than their day jobs. So demand is high and consumer spending off the charts. So I disagree, but inflation will kill those folks eventually.

  4. I sold a large bp position of around 4000 shares near 38.70 as oil looked ready for a big correction back in Jan. It went to only $15 but I did not buy back yet. Now at $24. The yield just looked to good to be true.

  5. Best video yet was tesla video…Im still on the fence about it but no way I am not paying 890 for a share with a company so volatile that could be down $300 in a week …..your points very valid its a emotional stock with all the $$ signs….

  6. jerry, impressed with your educational videos….person like myself cannot afford apple, google….EEM is more my speed what I can afford on a teacher salary…..how about restaurant comparison…cracker barrel cheesecake ect everyone loves to eat and about amusement park comparison six flags, Disney ect…everyone wants to get out after this in the summer…your spread sheets make it simple for me to understand and compare companies…im not that savvy …thx

  7. Hi Jerry, I really like your style and very interested in your automated trading system. (IMO EEM looks like an ideal candidate for the job.)
    I hope you will somehow share your experience with us. Unfortunately I have no social media accounts to follow you , well I do have a Tweeter acct left over from my blogging days…
    Any way, I subscribed to your YouTube acct and I'll follow you here.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Much appreciate!

  8. Liked, subscribed, hit the notification and registered for WeBull. Thank you for all your content, extremely high quality and thoroughly entertaining. Among others here, I would definitely enjoy a portfolio video, if you're willing to sharing!

  9. Hey Jerry, great video.

    BP is in the market of London either.
    What do you think in which market should someone buy the stock? In its main market or it does not matter?

  10. Great work, thank you, Jerry. Can you please do a review for Alibaba (BABA) against JD, other retail providers ? Or maybe other Chinese FANGS ? Cheers

  11. You said you got a buy signal on your system. Can you do a video on your system ? Only thing i use is a scanner , Really enjoy your channel , Thank You

  12. Great videos mate, i like your trading style and thank you for bringing M&T to my attention, chart looks great and this particular shares analysis is the best, im in! Thanks you!

  13. I just found your channel, I really enjoy it! Especially the videos that are are industry-specific. Could you please do a video on buying stocks

    in the food/restaurant industry?

  14. Hi , can you give your opinion about airline? I bought DAL last Friday when it had a good price, but Saturday Buffet commented why he sold all his airline stock made my DAL went down today . I guess airline will come back eventually? How do you think ? I will keep it , not too fear to sell out cheap like other but I would like to have your opinion. Thanks

  15. Hi Jerry. Thanks again for your data analysis. I want to ask your opinion if IHI is a good buy? I did my humble research and everything seems ok. Thank you in advance.

  16. Hey Jerry,
    Awesome work you do and always!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in starting an investment advisory/sharing group where all members would exchange based on their own research and therefore cover more ground and increase the success rate?
    Email me at [email protected]gmail.com and hopefully we can discuss further.
    Keep up the great work!

  17. Got a question if you are following this post still. Yahoo has these arrows that gives evaluation on 'short term,' 'mid term,' and 'long term'. Do you know on what basis they give that evaluation? Do you think they are worth paying attention to? MTB for example is significantly undervalued but the mid and long term is negative per Yahoo.

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