40 thoughts on “TikTok Made Me Purchase It {Half 2}

  1. Please COMMENT BELOW telling me which viral products I should test out next! Do you wanna see a Part 3? (✅ Like my clothes? Shop our NEW collection of Fall Sweaters, Jackets, Tops, Loungewear, Joggers, Mascara, Jewelry/Hair accessories, and more… HERE! 👉🏻 https://brooklynandbaileyshop.com) 💋's – Kamri

  2. In India friction has a normal pen with an ersaer…so I guess they are a leading company 🙂
    TIP: you can erase highlter with lemon juice , so you take an ear bud and dip it in some lemon juice and then just run the earbud on the highlighted area . And trust me it works! 😀

  3. Highlighter gets removed using lemon juice…
    dip an ear bud on lemon juice and wipe the highlighted text… it will vanish….!!!

  4. Before seeing the video: Oh yes, I already know this video is gonna be amazing, aaaaand i m definitely buying these products!!
    After seeing the video: well i need a part three

  5. Everything seems useful 👌🏽 I've had one of those fabric shavers for years from Wal-Mart seen on tv section. We use it all the time especially on joggers, sweaters, & winter hats

  6. I have the erasable highlighters and I thought the same thing but you actually can’t like right on top of it after you erase it cuz it’s not an eraser is like some sort of clear ink

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