three GROWTH Shares to BUY in 2021! (Excessive Development)

three GROWTH Shares to BUY in 2021! (Excessive Development)

In right now’s video, we’re wanting over three TOP progress shares to purchase in February 2021 for positive aspects within the new 12 months. These are nice shares to purchase in now throughout the inventory …

37 thoughts on “three GROWTH Shares to BUY in 2021! (Excessive Development)

  1. Hi Griffin, many thanks I'm really impressed by the quality of your content!! It's always a pleasure to watch.
    Do you use a teleprompter? How long does it take you to prepare a video? Thanks again 🙂

  2. Great video. Would you be able to speak about Zoom stock (Zm)? I currently own stock in zoom and wondering if should keep it long term?

  3. I bought Trulieve at $10 and then $20 back in the day 😂so glad that's paying off. Very sad I didn't get into SHOP when it was around $400+/ share. I'm interested in Lightspeed though (that you mentioned in your previous video).

  4. Hey love the videos man, you give us some great information on your stock picks ! I am currently looking at a stock am wondering if you have any time to have a look? it may be worth it Fairfax Financial Holdings ticker FFH – was trading above 600$ pershare before corona, but right now its around 470$ thanks for any inputs

  5. Please do a video on High Tide. HITI.V
    One of the most undervalued small cap stocks with an amazing balance sheet and huge run rate…huge market share. Explosive growth coming up and would love for you to do a video on them

  6. Hi Griffin! Do you think Shopify's stock will go up in the next several weeks, as they will be announcing their earnings for on Feb 18th?

  7. I know you are looking at the goeasy stock from an investor point of view. However, goeasy gives loan to people at a massive interest rate (30-44%)and do not disclose anything without signing the paperwork. I encourage you all watch cbc marketplace investigation on these types of companies. Buying into this stock would mean supporting this type of business which is really bad from my perspective.

  8. having any "green leaf" stock can and has get you turned around if your going stateside too, People that just worked on the building were as well we heard

  9. Agree. Shopify and Constellation Software are some of the best stocks available in TSX. But how many retail people can buy it? They should split stock to increase liquidity. Otherwise average retail investor can add it to watch list for ever!!!!.Through some ETFs I own some fractions of this stock.

  10. I'm not going to tell you what to invest in, but goeasy engages in predatory lending practices that make desperate people pay huge interest amounts. You could say, "well, they should be smarter" (like me). That may definitely be true, but just some food for thought.

  11. Hey man! Not sure if you'll see this but I just sent you a DM on instagram. There's someone trying to impersonate you there, and they made the account look pretty legit too

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