1. U know this video is kinda old, but love the buy the study Bible, can you let me know if yoh still have it?I can send money 💰 is not a scam I promise!

  2. i really would like to do this fulltime but i'm from Belgium, everything here is small and expensive, great deals you made there buddy ! Greetings from Belgium

  3. Those FNAF plushies! I have a son with extra needs and he plays with them alllll the time. I’ve been worried that I won’t be able to replace the ones he likes when the ones he has get ruined. I’ll have to check out your eBay store! Great haul!

  4. I watched the first half of this video baked af and i dead ass though it was Cincinnati picker. ( i skip the first 30 seconds cuz it spoils it and 10 seconds of Cincinnati is his intro lol) nice video Lonnie make some nice profits 💪

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