1. Hey guys, first out happy holidays!!! Also I want ya'll opinion on this stock named "GBS" it literally just hit the market yesterday, the initial price was supposed to be $17 but it was released at $9.24 and peaked at $13.19 but rn its currently at $10.20 …..furthermore, this company operates as a biosensor diagnostic technology company. It develops saliva glucose biosensor monitoring systems, a saliva-based glucose test for people living with diabetes but it's also playing a huge role with the corona virus. it says this on the internet (With the world-first Biosensor Platform, GBS Inc. intends to develop and launch point-of-care diagnostic tests urgently needed to help control COVID-19 and change the lives of people living with diabetes.) now, there's not too too much information out atm but i watched a youtube video and people in the commnets were saying that this could POP!!!!! so what's ya'll thoughts?

  2. Thank you Paul for helping me end this year in the green after getting decimated in March. I hope you are able to spend some time with family and a great holiday. 🎄🍾 🎆

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