40 thoughts on “This distinctive French chateau hasn't modified since 1789! On the market close to Bordeaux – Ref.: 104199LMA33

  1. Why didnt french gov buy it as a tourist attraction. I cant imagine new owners would keep it as is.
    It is in excellent condition someone must have been seeing to upkeep. Did it ever get sold?

  2. Wow that's so fantastic, do they not have a problem with damp and mould, if it's not lived in? They must have security guards there to surely?

  3. It's beautiful, I hope whoever takes this project on does an excellent job but keep its historical charm alive. This is beautiful as it is.

  4. If it's untouched since the revolution then that blue wall covering everywhere is full of arsenic. Anyway, who'd want to buy an old farm house masquerading as a chateau?

  5. The roof is shot. Most of the ceilings will have to be replaced and there is probably serious rot in the rafters. I’m sure that the place smells quite musty due to mounds. It will take several million to repair it and that would be hampered by French law protecting the historical site

  6. I would purchase this château for my house and sell probably 2/5. Of the furniture and paintings and more than likely regain a profit from purchasing the house.

  7. Elle est tres belle. What a wonderful Chateau. Amazing that it escaped being ransacked by the revolutionaries before Napoleon, as he was in favour as with those who led the Russian revolution of keeping these stately homes in reasonable order. I love Bordeaux but Paris and it’s environs and the Loire along of course with La Sud are my favourites. Thankyou for showing it to us.

  8. Bien filmé, beaux commentaire, beau château, bien entretenue, çà fait rêver ,félicitations au dernier propriétaire qui à tenue le coup !

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