28 thoughts on “The way to get Spotify Pupil Premium Account | Spotify Pupil Low cost

  1. I signed up for it back in November but I use a personal email and not my school's email does that matter? no, as long as they have the school and my name and I have that personal email in my school record if they need to contact me through another email

  2. Can anyone help me?
    I already submit my verification to spotify. After that, it says already verified. But there isn't next button, only close button so i closed it. And it goes back to page 1 (verification page). After that i resubmit my data. But it says, you already exchange this offer. It keeps saying like that whenever i resubmit. And now i am stuck with step 1. I can't continue to step 2 (uploading document) or step 3 (payment). Can anyone tell me what happen and what should i do???

  3. Hope u can answer my question, i already make a registration to get a student promotion, and they said my account is verified, but why i still can't get it, then i try to make an another registration, but my university name doesn't apear. Please answer me

  4. Okay, I asked what the postal means, does it mean something from the card, or my credit card. And nothing is telling what it is. Like when I'm trying to redeem this gift card it says "Redeem Code" And under it is "Postal Code"

  5. I tried signing up for the student discount but when i do it keeps going back to the first step and it keeps saying invalid phone number. Im from the philippines

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