1. AMC up 200% and i sold Jan 2022 10C yeeeet. Guess im rolling to 2023 😛
    God Bless America
    Will be looking for another SCO play on AMC.
    Wanting to short GME but when..

  2. I bought AMC shares at 2.12 and sold covered calls for 8$ do i buy those back since it shot up 250% or just hold it until expiration

  3. This is a social experiment on FOMO. They be collecting data on who they can take…. so obviously keep an eye on Kodak poppin off

  4. Random fact of the day:

    Malls intentionally are built to confuse people into getting lost. This phenomenon is called the "Gruen transfer" after the Austrian architect Victor Gruen. Who discovered that a confusing layout would lead to consumers spending more time and buying more products (although in his later years would disavow the idea).

    Keep it real keep it going.

    Do you have a video on wholesaling a property? What about wholesaling a piece of land?

    Now there's one more thing…… let's fucking go baby.

  5. Holding 55 shares of AMC. Also not playing GME I would rather put that 240 into Apple for earnings today!! Let’s gooooo !!! Hornnnn

  6. Thank you for everything Josh, I've learned a lot with your videos and whatching you live. SMALL GOOD DECISIONS
    About the GME pump, its a group of retail investors in reddit that want to go against big Hedge Funds, the same for NOK and BB

  7. I remember you was conflicted
    Misusing your cash balance
    Sometimes I did the same
    Abusing my power, full of meme stocks
    Meme stocks that turned into a deep depression
    Found myself screaming in the hotel room
    I didn't wanna self destruct
    The evils of GME was all around me
    So I went running for answers
    Until I came home
    But that didn't stop the FOMO guilt
    Going back and forth trying to convince myself of the plays I made
    Or maybe how A-1 my long term was
    But while my cult was fighting the
    Continuous war back in the market, I was entering a new one
    A war that was based on GME and BB
    Made me wanna go back to the cult and tell josh what I learned
    The word was respect
    Just because you wore a different ticker than mine's
    Doesn't mean I can't respect you as a trader
    Forgetting all the pain and hurt we caused each other in these chats
    If I respect you, we unify and stop the enemy from blowing up our accounts
    But I don't know, I'm no mortal man, maybe I'm just another Chad.

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