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  1. If buying and selling tickets is so lucrative, why do you have to have another business selling the information and charging for the membership?

  2. heres my 2 issues.. I'm stuck with tickets I can't sell & loose money…. I get arrested for scalping tickets standing outside a stadium trying to sell tickets… your thoughts?

  3. Hi ticketflipping i register as a new member but im trying to log in to get the features you offer as a beginner like the toolbox.. and i dont know why i cant register in ticket flipping.. i only register on something called ticket flipping slack… can you please help me…

  4. I create an account on nextbigsound .com but the page doesnt appear as yours. The Top countries and Top cities dont appear. Do I have to do something else to see the page with those two options?

  5. I want to do this from Honduras central america… can i buy tickets on ticketmaster if im from central america? Or what alternatives you suggest? How can i buy the Pdf ticket if im not from northamerica or mexico?

  6. Awesome channel!! Is there an optimum lead time for how long you want to list the tickets? I’m just wondering about the opportunity cost of holding an unsold ticket, and if it’s profitable to buy tickets close to an event.

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