36 thoughts on “The place To Purchase Low-cost Outsized Shirts?

  1.  @T Blake  what can big guys like me do ? im a 3XL, i need help with how to dress, i feel like i have no fashion sense, but when it comes to my sneakers im not lacking there, just my clothes 🙁 help please.

  2. at asos, did you mean the "longline t-shirt skater fit"? there are so many different shirts but i couldn't really see which of them is the one that you had in the video. i really like the way it is cut

  3. A previous video of yours talked about those new look tees. I got a white one, and liked it so much I got another white one and 2 black ones. They just came out with a burgundy one which I just ordered it 2 days ago. Good looks on these.

  4. Hey T Blake, Somewhat on topic I was wondering your opinion on Kith apparel. Ronnie seems to be focusing a lot on the apparel line, which would make sense seeing as it offers a likely much larger profit margin opposed to footwear collabs, but is the quality of the pieces worth the premium price? It seems to me he's trying to transition Kith into a entry level high fashion type of line, In your experience with the apparel where does it stand as far as design& quality vs price?

  5. Premium Co has some great tee's, I recently purchased a couple of their terry tees which have an amazing fit and great build quality, for a $50 item I feel like they would work perfect for the consumer not quite ready to make that Machus jump. They also have a extremely popular big loop terry tee line that look amazing and are only priced at about $10 more than the aforementioned. Only downside with this brand is you have to catch a restock and often the item won't ship for up to a 10 day period. Just thought I'd add another alternative for people out there looking!

  6. My body type is a lot like yours but I find that the oversized shirts often have a neckline that is uncomfortably large. It's tough finding a shirt that fits both the torso and neck nicely.

  7. Hey guys hope you enjoy this. 
    clothing is not my forte and there are a lot of great outlets on Youtube for this area, I just wanted to share something I genuinely like! 

    Working on graduating right now but will be picking back up with content more consistently this week. 

  8. Hey TBlake where did you that shirt your wearing in the video and also I was wondering if you knew any places to find supreme for resale at a fair price?

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