The Meat You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase, In accordance To A Butcher

The Meat You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase, In accordance To A Butcher

Should you’re principally a carnivore, you’ll be able to nearly start to scent the butter melting on that juicy, completely cooked steak the second you start to strategy your …

31 thoughts on “The Meat You Ought to Completely By no means Purchase, In accordance To A Butcher

  1. WORTHLESS. WTF does "teres major" even mean? Been cooking beef for over 50 years and NEVER heard this term. Alsom NY Strip is FAR inferior in taste, tenderness and texture compared to a ribe eye and almost always costs the same or more. Best steaks to buy for value and tatse? Ribeye and Top Sirloin. Worst? T=Bone and NY Strip and of course NEVER buy filet mignon.

  2. So why are they suggesting GM chicken is bad? If you say or suggest it isn't healthy, you should back that up with good science.
    So, until and unless they show the science, I call bullshit on this part of the video.

  3. Can't beat a prime ribeye.

    If you've never tried it, salt brine your steaks for at least 8 hours. You don't need to go crazy with the salt. Just a nice covering on both sides on a rack and let hang out in the fridge. The salt seasons through the whole steak and makes it so tender.

  4. Aside from selective breeding there are no genetically engineered chicken allowed for sale in the US. and remember with the lack of antibiotics you get your botulinum toxin the natural way.

  5. Grassfed. It means fed grass the last 10 days before slaughter. It's a total scam.

    Pre-Wrapped bacon filets? You are paying $20 a pound for bacon.

  6. Butcher since 2013 means nothing. All meat comes cut up to the grocery store, backing the day they would come in whole carcass and the butcher would cut up the whole thing. Now anyone can be a store butcher. BTW a ribeye is far superior than the new york steak and they both cost the same.

  7. As quality control for over 15 years at a major meat packing plant and a competition cooker in rib and other cook offs, it’s simple. Match your cooking method to the cut of meat, chose your marinade or rub to the cut of meat, and cook it to easily found guidelines.

    If you are not in competition, you can follow the simple steps and have bbq far better than anyone else unless you get crazy. People get in trouble when they mess up the expected outcome with crazy stuff.

    Don’t expect to win if you do a Kansas City sauce in a North Carolina style event.

    Have fun, cook your best and if you don’t win, you still eat stuff you like.

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