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10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Field # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

~ October 2020 Patron Listing ~

10/02/2020 – Friday Evening Particular – Zendikar Set Packing containers
10/09/2020 – Friday Evening Particular – Pokemon Champions Path
10/16/2020 – Friday Evening Particular – ??? –
10/23/2020 – Friday Evening Particular – ??? –
10/30/2020 – Friday Evening Particular – ??? –

CORE 2021 Investor – KIT – (LIMIT 1)
four x Core 2021 First Printing Booster Field – (Made in Japan)
5 x Core 2021 Collectors Field

NORMAL BOXES – 79.99 shipped
MTG – Ikoria
MTG – Theros Past Demise
MTG – Throne of Eldraine
MTG – Core 2021


  1. ROFL. Please – buy it all. With the exception of a very few cards, those sets are straight trash. Just because something is old doesnt mean it is worth a lot of money…lol!

  2. He said it!!!
    “Maybe I’m wrong”
    Time to do massive fallen empires/homelands buyout !
    1 million dollars in that product today will be 5 billion in 3 years

  3. I think it is perfectly reasonable to have one or two boxes of each as a collector. But not as an investor. There are so many other things to throw your money into. The reality is that no one thinks the current product will go up…until it goes up. Things like war of the Spark and Throne of Eldraine and The newest Ravnica sets will all go up and are starting to do so. For investing it is best to get in at the ground level when it is cheap and ride the the increase to profits.

  4. I got like 10 boxes of Fallen Empires for like 175$ cause they guy didn’t want them I bought for the memes didn’t expect a spike.

  5. Always have toyed with the concept of making a eternal booster cube with a set like fallen empires and use Cubamajigs.
    Would probably be fun.

  6. a few years ago these boxes were only a few $100 – absolutely insane. I have seen people buy and open these a ton in the last decade alone. they have always been that go to cheap oldschool pack or box to buy despite its power level being low people like it. there have always been sealed investors but whats also interesting is there is always people buying old product to open or draft with their friends. Its actually more common than you think. if a box is $1000 and you split that between 8 friends and pool together prize money people do this more than you think its a fun way to gamble for people with excess money. i knew someone who had $4000 a month he needed to spend on entertainment. i know a lot of these sealed product prices are still under valued. there may be lots of them out there but the supply will shrink as time goes on.
    that factor of players and collectors still opening these packs over 20 years is huge. its not all investors .
    i knew someone who always kept a stock of fallen empires and homelands for 15 years. just to randomly open a pack and have a nostalgia trip when they felt like it. they went through pallets of these sets. like filling their gumball machine every few months.

    now we also have these youtubers coming in to the market. logan paul literally blew up the pokemon market with a few videos. big time youtube investors now pushing for movement into these types of things. pokemon may be the better investment for original sealed but its only a matter of time before magic blows up in a similar way, it doesn't appeal to as many people but its a finite supply and a lot of people who grow up playing magic end up with high paying jobs where they have large chunks of money to spend each month. i think there is a ton of underprices sealed. the hands holding these kinds of things only grow stronger as well.

  7. Rudy is probably the master manipulator who is making all this happen. His intricate Fallen Empires scheme is now finally coming to fruition.

  8. Jackasses haha. Same reason people are buying zendikar rising, "they'll be worth it in the long run". There's a million other things you can buy with REAL value, buy precious metals even. Good luck selling this shit at any point in the future because the only person who deals in mtg reliably is Rudy, which is why he says you have to love magic or it's not worth it.

  9. I started playing during the Dark when you couldn't even get revised boosters and all there was is fallen empires, rares are random, you get packs of all commons while reading about legends cards in Duelist, this set sucks

  10. I remember buying Fallen Empires boxes in bulk for $20 and Homelands for $30. Nowadays in the shop we sell boxes for $400 and $500 respectively, and loose packs of FE for $8.50. One of the best investments I've ever made in MTG.

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