The four Finest Sony TVs To Purchase (2020) – Finances, Mid-Vary, LCD, And OLED

The four Finest Sony TVs To Purchase (2020) – Finances, Mid-Vary, LCD, And OLED

Sony TVs are typically a reasonably protected guess. They have a tendency to have nice image high quality and quantity of polish. Their construct high quality additionally tends to be higher than …

27 thoughts on “The four Finest Sony TVs To Purchase (2020) – Finances, Mid-Vary, LCD, And OLED

  1. Can you explain why the 75h does not support apple airplay? This is a feature that is available on TVs half the price. I bought one under the impression that it just wasn’t advertised to include it but assumed it still did.

  2. Hi guys, I heard the x950h has a rainbow effect on screen due to antiglare or wide angle feature. Is there a way to eliminate this issue?

  3. I bought the A8 a week ago and had to return it cause it doesn't have HDMI 2.1 (120fps) instead it has HDMI 2.0 (60fps) I'm going to get the LGCX

  4. I really wish Sony would offer a center stand in the US. I'm not going to go buy a new piece of furniture because the legs for the 75" X900H I want, are so far apart. Sorry Sony. You won't be getting my money. I want to replace my 2009 Sony Bravia 55". It has a center stand AND it swivels.

  5. Hate anything Sony. bought an $800 smart Sony. Dumbest TV ever. Disconnects from Wifi often. Have to restart TV several times a week. Apps move around. Sometimes apps won't launch. Have had to uninstall app and reinstall to get working. Sony as a brand has lost it in my opinion. Never Sony again.

  6. Hi I’m buying the Xh 95 the 65 inch model from Curry’s PC World is down to £1299 here in the UK for the Black Friday weekend sales, I was going to buy the LG nano cell 65” 91 as is £999 , but I think the Sony is a much better choice great video peace ✌️

  7. I wish i could buy the x950h… Just because im in a bright room with reflections. I like good picture quallity… i also play games, But it doesn't has hdmi 2.1 -_-

    No i dont want the x900h. Just for gaming.. Great! Now what?…. i guess nothing!

  8. Sony trades on its name and reputation more than any other manufacturer. Not to say Sony is a bad TV, its just that a lot can be had for a lot less money from other manufacturers

  9. Just bought the XBR75X800H but not getting it installed for two more weeks. For watching Cable TV, Sports, Netflix, other streaming services and Blue Ray movies, I'm sure this model will be excellent. Can't go wrong with Sony and their colour accuracy, 4K upscaling and other great features will be more than satisfactory. The fact is, once you get the TV home and working, you won't be able to tell the difference.

  10. It sure sounds like you said that Sony told Vincent that the blurry text issue will not be fixed……but other sources say otherwise including Sony themselves…..

    Please get the story straight.

  11. I just purchased the 85" X800H a month ago for $1,699. I'm absolutely pleased with it. I'm not a gamer so I have no concerns with anything to do with that. I watch a lot of sports and movies. I have had no problems with motion. The picture and color are absolutely stunning and I am very satisfied with the black levels also. The X800H utilizes VA panels and not IPS. I have no complaints whether watching in the daytime(bright room) or nighttime(dark room). All in all, at this price point and size I'm very pleased with the X800H. But it's really hard to go wrong with Sony!

  12. Hi,
    I need help. 😳

    I bought an LG 65GX last week on discount for 2500€ – 350€ Cashback.
    In the end I paid 2150€.

    Was that an failure that I bought the GX over the A8 ?

    I can buy the Sony 65 A8 again for 1980€ and I can return the LG.

    Should I return the GX Gallery TV for the Sony A8 ?

    I don’t care much about HDMI 2.1.

    I hope anyone can help me. 🙏

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