27 thoughts on “The Final Information to Disney World Reductions!

  1. AJ Canadian Residents sometimes get deals on tickets. There are some discounts that are only available to non-US citizens and best way to see those is to go through your local WDW website access – they will have your available offers for your location.

  2. I’m pretty sure the Tables in Wonderland prices had increased several years ago to $150 & $175. I arrived a month after it went up to $150 from that $125 price point 😢

  3. I booked my honeymoon for April 2021. A few days later I received an email saying you can get a room discount. I called up Disney and they were able to apply it to my reservation.

  4. Hi AJ! If one person is an annual passholder are they able to buy tickets for the rest of the party at a discount? Also military discounts have two different levels of discount so you have to read the fine print closely to see which you qualify for and last year when I went to purchase tickets Shades of Green only sold them in two months June and July or June.

  5. Don't forget Disney Character Warehouse! I've got some absolute bargains. Also, if you're booking in the UK, Disney is on TopCashback 🙌

  6. Shades of Green can also be used by DoD civilians. It should always be prioritized for our military (active and retired) but civilians can use it. I believe the intent was to help with occupancy. It’s a great value for when you consider what you get versus the cost!

  7. I love the videos I watch them everyday! Can the DFB Team make a video about being on weightwatchers at Disney? Also a video on how to do Disney on $50 a day on food for people on a budget? Thanks!

  8. Do Disney Visa card holders have to pay with their card to get room/restaurant discounts or can they use another form of payment (gift card)?

  9. If you are military you can also buy your tickets on your base as well for a significant discount, check the travel office on base. Same for universal. I’m at DW right now with our discounted tickets we bought last year that Disney extended due to Covid. 🙂

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