The digital camera YOU should purchase in 2020: Portrait, Panorama, Sports activities, Vlogging, Wildlife

The digital camera YOU should purchase in 2020: Portrait, Panorama, Sports activities, Vlogging, Wildlife

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43 thoughts on “The digital camera YOU should purchase in 2020: Portrait, Panorama, Sports activities, Vlogging, Wildlife

  1. but I have some really beautiful glass form my 5DSR……. I think I'll just keep on with it. So, if I do that Chelsea can keep on with her D850 🙂

  2. I don't disagree with the opinion about a smartphone's capability, but from an environmental viewpoint, the purchase of a smartphone is the worst decision.

  3. Started the video, pause and make a prediction comment and will fast forward to see if the prediction is right. The best camera of the year for Tony is canon R5.

  4. Tony, thanks for putting this together. I’m looking for a mirrorless camera primarily for indoor sports (women’s gymnastics). Would you please provide some insight as to why you recommended the Sony a9ii over the Canon r6? They seem comparable on paper and Canon has the RF glass. Thanks

  5. Gosh Tony, you are so very really bad! Didn’t you read the comments?! How dare you have your own opinion! You know perfectly well you are supposed to be a perfect mirror of the opinions of each and every single commenter, all of whom are obviously exactly correct because unlike your subjective opinions, their opinions are ~*~*oBjEcTiVe*~*~
    Great vid, thanks to both of you for the fairly reliable stream of content to help distract from the terrible ongoing global health thing!

  6. Hey guys,
    What do you think are the best options for a portrait camera for 900-1300€ (body only)? I thought of something like the Sony A7 lll or the Nikon Z6, but I am also open for dslrs, I do not mind the heavier weight.
    Thank you very much

  7. I rented a Canon EOS Rebel T6 for a short film I was making and I liked it so much I ended up buying one. It’s hardly the most amazing camera, but it’s easy enough for a beginner like me and I inherited a good number of compatible lenses from my grandfather, who used an original Rebel.

  8. I am using the exact combo at 7:30 (except the non-e d800) and it is definitely a great combination. Also recommended to use with it is the 80-200 f2.8D, an older lens not able to be used with lower end cameras and newer mirror-less camers, so much cheaper than other 70-200s but crystal clear.

  9. And the "best bang for your buck" should have been either the Sony A7III or Sony A7C (in my personal opinion). Either of those cameras can do 90-95% as well in every category for under $2,000. Why spend more for the Canon R5/R6?

  10. Folks this review seems like he’s taken the easy way out and it’s Canon, Canon, Canon. There are many other manufacturers that do just as good a job or better.

  11. My camera bag:
    D300s for wildlife (burst or grip needed)
    D5300 for landscape or wildlife if burst isn't necessary
    D7000 for general use (wildlife, nature, landscape)

    Used is the best way to go for me.
    400mm f2.8 manual ($650)
    50mm f1.8 ($70)
    135mm f2.8 Nikkor-Q manual ($50)

  12. Hi Tony. One question not related to this video. But I was recently reading about Leica cameras. As this cameras are very expensive with limited features. Are there any professional who uses them ? Is there any specific kinds of photos where this kind of cameras are being used ?

  13. The z7 is a great landscape camera, any issues people have with the first gen Z cameras has no impact on landscape.
    Great files, great build quality and size.

  14. I just purchased a new Sony A7R4 for £2200 , less than half the price of the Canon R5 and 61 megapixel ! best value high megapixel camera period !

  15. I just replaced my Fuji X-T2 with a X-S10 and that's the perfect camera for me. I don't have steel biceps like those Northrups.
    Full frame? No thank you. You will know when you need full frame, and if you don't know then you definitely don't need FF. Most of us don't, but it doesn't hurt either if you prefer that camera size.

  16. Want the R6. Have used the D500 for sports—it is really good. A Lumix G9 has a better sensor than any of the APS-C Canons mentioned. I had a Canon 7D many years ago. Great camera in many ways at the time. My first DSLR was a T1i. I've also owned an SL1, 77D and 5D III. When the Lumix G9 came out I sold the 77D and bought the G9. No regrets. It's kind of a shame no MFT cameras are included here. For anything but fast AF tracking, some MFT cameras are better than the APS-C choices in the video, and maybe cheaper in some cases.

  17. Tony I am shocked 😲 you showed Canon some love 💘 and the R5 no doubt ❤ 👏. I just figured the post would a Sony love in. Ya blew my 📷 🚪s off with this one surprise surprise 😎😎😎

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