The best way to Create a Low cost Code on Shopify

The best way to Create a Low cost Code on Shopify

Creating low cost codes on shopify is a straightforward approach to promote merchandise to your clients. You possibly can create low cost codes for single merchandise or total …

5 thoughts on “The best way to Create a Low cost Code on Shopify

  1. hi Mate let me ask you since you more expert. i sell on Shopify am a supplier and I want give promo code my dealers so they give them to theyr client

    so when a particular promo code is used (by my dealers clients), me and the dealer who owns the code should get email so i pay him also his own client get discount

    do you know if there is any Shopify app that allow it ?

    thanks in adavance for your attention

  2. Sadly that manual does not work for me, what I need is to create an automatic offers that charge only for shipping but not the product*(pay for shipping only). can you make a video explaining how to do that, please? I think that's the only option I have to make my Shopify store work. because its really hard and social media has become blood-sucking machines saying pay 10 and will reach x users, x sales, blablabla, but no results. even using winner products nothing, using social marketing manually I had more results but at the end, customers leave because all the process to drive them to the store.

  3. The only thing i dont understand is, how an influencer can know how many times his promo codo was used on a particular online store? With other words; how does an influencer know he's not getting screwed by the online store?

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