32 thoughts on “THE BEST BUY PS5 RESTOCK WAS A JOKE | Getting a ps 5 from greatest purchase restocks was ROUGH

  1. Best buy has been a joke! This is the 3rd time that I try getting one through them and it either crashes or I have it ready paid for and then it cancels my paid order. Walmart has been just as bad and I can't remember ever seeing 🎯 ever saying anything but temporarily out of stock. Smh

  2. I SECURED THE PS5 From Best Buy here’s my story. So it’s 8:00 and it didn’t drop, I’m on a live stream and jake Randall confirms that they didn’t drop yet, so 4 hours of waiting for it to drop they dropped it. So I got 2 computers open plus my phone trying to get it so on my phone I was able to add to cart but I couldn’t get into the cart so I used my computer to try to get it and the website is crashing like crazy but it says it’s in my cart so after like 20 min of refreshing and adding to cart I was able to place my order I had to spam it a couple times and I got it ‼️

  3. I gave up I tired an hour I saw it said add cart I clicked and loading went say try again. Full of fuckin bullshit excuse my language.

  4. I was up since 8am et just in the app refreshing went they go live like at 1pm in the 2 wave i got it on my cart and i finally got it around 1'30 pm, so you can see your local bb has stock, i used that and change my local bb to another that is like an hour from me, you could check the inventory by searching a random item from the app and you select in stock at your store, and then type ps5

  5. got one right before i had to go to work from the walmart restock. Was trying on the app and website, and got really lucky. just praying it doesnt get cancelled now.

  6. I didn't get a ps5 but this should help all the same tho I want to post some information that might help for the next drops. I got 2 xbox series x today. First one was walmart I highly recommend using app over website. At 3pm I refresh app was sold out but I sat there for about 2 mins hitting add to cart before it finally took so don't give up right away spam add to cart for at least 15 mins. Then I hit checkout said out of stock I refresh then hit checkout did that like 3 times till it took and proceeded to pay. For best buy use the app also I had website up and never changed to add to cart kept saying coming soon but the app said add to cart. I added to cart then said pls wait for inventory if it says waiting for inventory DO NOT REFRESH!!!! You are in line to purchase after about 5 mins it said add to cart and then checkout proceeded to check out then was sent a verification code before my order was confirmed. There was no stock at my best buy either but will come the 19th it said so store inventory has nothing to do with getting one on order. Pls pass this on so other ppl can have success

  7. It was a total shit show… Got on at 6am. Waited for 4 hours and then… crash after crash. What a waste of my time, Thanks a lot BB…

  8. How was the Kohl's drop so bad? I mean yes they oversold but if you checked out and they cancelled your order you they gave you the $180 kohl's cash?

  9. Got it from both walmart and best buy. Walmart was easy. Best buy honestly my check out process was about a total of 40 minutes from the drop to confirmation email. Been up since 4:50 it was a hassle but totally worth it.

  10. Had it in the cart at best buy and then it wouldn't let me check out because "no stores available near you for pickup", oh and then it wouldn't allow me to change my location. I tried to check out for about 90 minutes until it just went to "out of stock"

  11. i got the ps5 at walmart today and there was no bug or no oh deer page it all went smoothly it just probably will arrive at the end of this month or the new year

  12. The Best CAP drop was awful and painfully slow. I thought they had the "Geek Squad", they should change their name to WEAK squad… I had ps5 ready to check out and boom sold out in less than what seemed like a second smh. they literally had us on their site /app until 3 pm. These are sales tactics to drive folks to items that actually make them money keep people on their page longer for indirect sales.

  13. I spent an hour to get the ps5 in cart and when I went to finish everything I got kicked from the app and I lost everything. I was up since 7am.

  14. @Scrubing I had it on to cart for 2 hours for pick up I tried every store and there was so many errors and I also waisted 30 minutes on Walmart and sold out I tried Best Buy bundles sold out I was on there on time for every drop perfectly i sadly didn’t get the ps5🥺

  15. I was able to snag one but was a hassle, had issues with staying on the cart. Kept getting kicked out of the cart, app kept crashing, couldn’t actually check out, kept hitting check out somewhere around 60 to 70 times before I was able to secure payment. Site crashing, app crashing was a horrible experience.

  16. I was super close on getting one at Walmart, I tried getting it on both, but with bestbuy I didn't even get close. On Walmart I was able to put it in the cart, but it got deleted from the card, not about to give up tho

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