The Actual Cause Why You Can't Purchase a PS5 or Xbox Collection X

The Actual Cause Why You Can't Purchase a PS5 or Xbox Collection X

This week on Era Subsequent, the gang talk about the rise of unscrupulous scalpers who’re benefiting from PS5 and Collection X demand to make lots of.

21 thoughts on “The Actual Cause Why You Can't Purchase a PS5 or Xbox Collection X

  1. Hard to strike a balance for natural looking make up with decent products and that can stand filming and lights, the more lighting I use on my channel the more harder it is😍

  2. Yeah but the continuation of economy expected to follow after the purchase of the system do not flourish, thus future economy suffers. I hope no one buys from scalpers

  3. Hostess, there is no moral quandary! Good grief. The scalpers are leeches. There is no moral quandary. Shut up with that nonsense.

  4. I'm waiting for M$ and $ony to try to cash in on this. They are seeing all these morons pay $1,000 for a console. Don't think they won't take notice. Next generation are going to be like $800 consoles.

  5. Crack on , how long to get to the actual point. WE dont care for sneakers or graphic cards. I clicked this video for news on the consoles.

  6. 13:25 yes they could have and still can don't allow for preorders
    get the console the old way by going to the store non of this preordering online.

  7. They should be going after Ebay and other resellers, if these sites didn’t exist scalpers won’t have places to sell their extorted products.

  8. Apple had the same problem years back with scalpers buying up new iPhones. It was impossible to get a new phone in the US at launch. They solved it by selling exclusively on their site and at carrier stores all sales are linked to an individual based on their ID (driver license) and an account with their full identity. They sell only one per person and they do crazy identity checks. Sony and Microsoft should be very concerned over the horrible user experience happening now. Especially with the gaming industry not doing too well before the pandemic. Once the pandemic is over people will be even more less likely to return to gaming due to trust.

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