The 25 WORST depreciating automobiles on sale at the moment!

The 25 WORST depreciating automobiles on sale at the moment!

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29 thoughts on “The 25 WORST depreciating automobiles on sale at the moment!

  1. I guess that such a depreciation only in UK, there is no point of buying car in UK then. No way 100 k $ car will loose 60k $ in 3 years unless it is totalled and cannot be driven.

  2. And the moral of the story is, pay your car off, look after it and keep it until it pukes, or the numbers add up.
    The last car I sold, cost 20k new, I kept it almost 13 yrs and sold it for 4.5k.
    Being a Toyota, apart from consumerbles it didn't nickel and dime me, so it worked out at about 1k a year depreciation.
    I can live with that.

  3. When looking at this the old rule is that if it starts with an F then you'll lose. In other words Fiat, Ford, Fauxhall and of course anything FRENCH.

  4. So buy a second hand car unless you get a massive discount at first. I live in Spain and got over 4.000€ off my Kia Ceed GT, plus what the manufacturer was already offering on discount. Almost 8 grand off the price. It probably lost 3-4 grand in the 5 months I have owned it as it's a Kia, but with a 7 year warranty I should be good for a while.

  5. You keep mentioning the car as an investment! It most certainly is not! It is an expense….unless you are fortunate to own a special collectable car such as a Ferrari 250 or similar

  6. But wait till you try buying these pre-owned vehicles and see how little their "depreciation" is when put on sale again

    I'd have bought a used long wheel base Range Rover Autobiography by now

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