Testing VIRAL Tiktok Merchandise ! Bizarre Amazon Should Haves Tiktok Made Me Purchase !

Testing VIRAL Tiktok Merchandise ! Bizarre Amazon Should Haves Tiktok Made Me Purchase !

Testing VIRAL Tiktok Merchandise Tiktok Made Me Purchase On Amazon! Bizarre Amazon Merchandise You NEED! I really like testing bizarre Amazon merchandise I see in viral tiktok …

46 thoughts on “Testing VIRAL Tiktok Merchandise ! Bizarre Amazon Should Haves Tiktok Made Me Purchase !

  1. I called it a carpet cleaner and my bf thought I was talking about a vacuum cleaner 😂 it was so cute he thought they were the same thing, just didn’t know the carpet cleaner was called a carpet cleaner

  2. PSA: Don't buy the Green Machine. Buy the Spot Bot – same company same design – EXCEPT the Spot Bot also has a automatic scrubber on the bottom. You set it on the stain, press a button & it scrubs the stain out & then sucks up the dirty water.20'xs better than a Green Machine, especially if you have kids.

  3. Watching Jazzy try to figure out a mini steam cleaner is hilarious. Of course I'm 36 and still don't have one so you may be more adult than me.

  4. I have the spot clean shampooer….so it is really good for spot cleaning most things, but you may need to use a spray foam first. I use it for pet accidents or spills on my furniture OR even cleaning up vomit on soft surfaces. But it will not magically make a stain disappear. Furniture wise, you may have to go over it a few times if you do not regularly shampoo your furniture

  5. That first thing for the hand sanitizer is utterly pointless, if you can bring the bottle with you surely you can bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you?

  6. For the little spam and sour air heads, you can put magnets on the back of them and hang them on the fridge. That’s what I did to mine.

  7. When you have a bad day.. just watch her videos. She's a real mood changer. I love her. She's so cute and adorable. 😍😍
    She's like a kid excited to open their Christmas gifts. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  8. If you have to carry round the refill bottle, you may as well just carry around a small hand sanitiser bottle??? 🙇‍♀️💁‍♀️

  9. The Bissel cleaner came with 2 different bottles. You never said what they were and if or how you used them on the sauce stain. That would make a difference for the review.

  10. I love my Green Machine. It comes in super handy all the time. Especially if you have kids or animals. We have used it in the car as well. It’s great! You didn’t saturated it enough. It doesn’t come out instantly if you take a good 30 minutes to get the stain out. The point is that it comes out.

  11. Hi Jazzy, if you want to learn how to use your Bissell properly check out The Detail Geek channel he uses this for car cleaning and it’s amazing, you will be liking for stuff to clean lol xx

  12. They make smart plugs & smart bulbs in USA. We have them for our fishtank filters, fish CO2, lights, clocks anything you can name. You just have to connect it to wifi.

  13. Hi I have a spot cleaner and there are different products for it there is deep clean and spot clean try deep clean and urine stain to get sauce out it will work I have a 4 year old and a pet I have the spot cleaner and the bissell multi surface cleaner vacuum and mop in one won’t use anything else

  14. Your first product with the antiseptic gel makes no sense. If you have to carry a bottle around with you to refill the bracelet after every use, just take a bottle of gel with you to use directly onto your hands.

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