22 thoughts on “Technique of Shopping for a $three Million Yacht | Life for Sale

  1. You obese ,you smoke ,you probably got every bad habit you can do .That boat and your money ain't gonna save you.Take it from me ,cancer is eating me alive

  2. I see you're losing weight there, Mr. Fat guy. GOOD !! You are actually looking a lot farther from a massive heart attack than when I saw you last. Keep it up. The world needs your no nonsense outlook. You're still a dick, but we love you anyway.

  3. Upkeep of a dock can be expensive, something to consider, renting the dock you won't have to do any maintenance for it. It's not just the house. Stuff in the water rots quickly. It might be more headache to keep the dock and house in good shape than just the dock rental. But of course having a house for your boat crew is good too.

  4. I interned at that marine when I was in high school. A good buddy of mine used to run a lift that size at ft Lauderdale marine center. Crazy machine

  5. If the mortgage is ~5k and slip cost is ~5k.. whatever the actual numbers are…. if they are even close.. it's Brilliant! As a rental he can depreciate the property, and write off that and all the interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance against the rental income!….and…part of the monthly payment goes toward equity!… and…. and even if in there is a short term market correction, it still won't matter the property will likely appreciate over the long term!

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