Tech I Remorse shopping for…

Tech I Remorse shopping for…

I’ve made some unhealthy purchases previously. In the present day we discuss these tech fails.

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HyperX ChargePlay Clutch – (The one good product on this listing, IF it really works for you)

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23 thoughts on “Tech I Remorse shopping for…

  1. Mobile gaming controllers are pretty much only for FPS/BR shooting games. There would be no real advantage to using a controller for any other game genre. Kind of an unfair review there. Also, considering you knew beforehand that most of your games are in portrait mode then in hindsight you could have easily known this product wasn't right for you. Realistically, mobile game controllers are for mobile gamers that want something comfortable to hold onto whilst feeling like a handheld gaming console. Half star review on your review for laziness.

  2. The iPhone 11 Apple Charger case has been great for me, not one issue. Months later, I say it lost 25% of the battery. Wish I gotten the white case though

  3. My mom and brother have the Apple charging case. The rubber Ellie material on the outside eventually starts tearing and falling apart

  4. The only game I have that uses portrait mode is Pokemon Go. My others are Chrono Trigger, Minecraft, Runescape, Bloons TD 6, and Xbox game streaming. Not sure if that makes you crazy though

  5. Those speech recognition devices aren't working because you're probably not using using your white ppl voice when the cameras off lol 🤣🤣

  6. It is possible to get some strong test fishing line and run it back/forth to pop that base off. Once you do that, get a razor blade and some window cleaner or alcohol and get that residue off.

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