Tankless – What to know before you purchase

Tankless – What to know before you purchase

Choosing your Tankless Water Heater & Matt’s Suggestions for New Builds and Remodels The fashions within the video are linked to Amazon so you’ll be able to see …

26 thoughts on “Tankless – What to know before you purchase

  1. I have a Rheem tankless water heater. How can I speed up the delivery of hot water to the showers. It seems to take about 3-:5 mins for the hot water to get to the outlet.

  2. like judge judy says "show me" they last for at least 15 years??? how much is the maintenance?? cost of maintenance?? show me the gas bill? show me show me …talk is cheap.ohh wait this is tuber land …most important is nice hair cut and great video quality.what really matters is views.

  3. Which is better between electri and gas tankless water heater considering I have solar panels producing more KW than what I need ?

  4. is it a bad idea to put a 11 gph in a house with with two full baths and kitchen. I live in montana so water gets cold during winter time. Just wondering if thats to much over kill?

  5. Matt, could you tell me which unit cost the least per month to operate? I have a tank electric water heater that needs replaced and I'm considering replacing it with a propane tankless unit from Navien. Which would cost the least to operate considering gas and electric usage combined. I don't care about endless hot water. I just want to save the most amount of money per month as possible. .

  6. My tank’s lifespan is just about up and it’s in the attic( don’t ask why a builder thought this was a good idea.). This video has really helped on which unit to use.

  7. For a new build, does it make sense to run cold water and gas to every bathroom + laundry + kitchen and have a localized small high efficiency condensing model? Do they even sell that small a size?

  8. The other thing too consider is that at full flame condensing will lose some of that efficiency. There are many technical reasons but let me try to put it in simple terms. Think of driving a car and your running at red line to get maximum power which means maximum gas flowing to the injectors. Generally to heat water that fast one is running at the red line. The main efficiency one gets with an on demand heater is that only runs when the tap is open which is why I like mine.

  9. May be new Tech but there are some condensing models I have found that have build in PH Neutralizers for the condensate so you can just let it drip outside or into a sink P-Trap

  10. Well explained Sir ! I just recently installed a Rheem Mid efficiency Indoor Unit ( 84 dvlt) in my house ( in my HUGE attic – works like a champ. What was interesting for me was that these units are basically what we call Combi Boilers in the UK / Europe. Been around since the 80s. I installed quite a few …As long as you get the right vent pipe installed, you were Golden ! It is also vital that the gas intake is at least one inch. Also get the meter upgraded to handle the greater btus .

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