21 thoughts on “Superb Chanel Winter 2021 SALE 40% OFF 😱 What I Received Unboxing & Sale Preview- Footwear, Jewelry, RTW

  1. Though I like my SA in Saks Atlanta; but sadly she never sends me any sales information. I never know when sales are in effect in the USA. You mentioned personal shoppers on instagram. I am hesitant to use one for fearful that they are not legit. Maria, do you have a name of someone in the USA that you have experience with?

  2. you could be a bougier version of Arthur Dent from the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy and wander around in your Chanel dressing gown 😉

  3. I think you got the brooch from Sloane street 😉 and the necklace from Karl's last collection. and definitely the scarf 😉

  4. I have dry and sensitive skin and since I live in Pa. I would recommend the tarte double duty primer and it is affordable. I only use a tinted hydrator for coverage. I am 50 so it covers my wrinkles. lol. I hope that helps

  5. The boots are nice but as I am on a no buy year then no more luxury for me for a year! 😱🛍 (my SA in Chanel Bond Street will not be happy lol)

  6. Those boots are such a catch!! I wish that the Chanel sale in Switzerland would be as good! We literally only have the stuff no one would ever want 😀 Lots of love from Switzerland xxx

  7. Im confused where u live the Chanel store I go to do not do sales so this is weird chanel don't do sales lol they go up not down

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